We sensitize student volunteers through student programs. Students’ initiatives are directed to focus on child development and society as a whole. The student program consists of:








It's an attempt by CSA with selected departments of the University to integrate academic learning with community service for students to learn, practice, and reflect upon civic responsibility. Service Learning helps students to undertake sustainable development activities to address community-identified needs while simultaneously undertaking social responsibility.

With selected departments of the University, we integrate academic learning with community service. Service Learning helps students to undertake sustainable development activities to address community-identified needs while simultaneously undertaking social responsibility.



          . To provide students with a realistic picture of prevailing social conditions and problems, and initiate development-oriented plans in the community.

          . Develop a sense of Social responsibility.

          . Develop awareness about the needs of others while participating in service activities.

          . Access experiential learning and gain new perspectives on the theoretical understanding


Service Learning Annual Report 2015-16





Educate. Inculcate. Motivate

Activity Center (AC) focuses on the overall development of the children in our project areas. Volunteers attempt to provide fun activities and better learning for the kids of our project areas.

The wing consists of the Syllabus Assessment Committee (SAC), daily sessions, and wing events. Events conducted include Career Guidance, Nanban sessions, stationery drives, Buddy project, workshops, and carnivals for the children from project areas.

Other activities include structured Parliament sessions to get feedback directly from the children.



Sensitise. Empower. Sustain

Prayatna, meaning effort, is an effort towards a more sustainable world. Volunteers engage in nature walks, clean-up drives, visits to animal shelters, and various other campaigns. Volunteers actively involved in the Parivarthana Unit-the waste-management unit on campus.

Prayatna promotes women empowerment by involving women from our project areas in Parivarthana. It is a wing that makes efforts towards sustainability- one step at a time.

Saadhana, Sustainability Week, Environmental Soldiers initiative, Project Saathi are the major activities.



Act. React. Impact

Drishti spreads awareness primarily through street theatre. They ACT TO IMPACT. 

The volunteers are introduced to theatre regardless of their previous experience in the field and inculcates the skill of acting for social change.

Volunteers first educate themselves on social issues and then build plays around them. 

The wing performs plays in the project areas, in urban areas, and on campus.

They also organize workshops, work on podcasts, release concept videos, and put up mime performances.



Learn. Express. Reform

The Media and Communication wing sensitizes people about various social issues through media tools. Volunteers also document all events and promote the organization’s work through writing, photography, and videography. The wing also handles the CSA website and Social Media handles of CSA.

The wing organizes story hunts, a photo walk, photo exhibitions, workshops, discussions called Chat Over Coffee, and publishes newsletters along with the annual magazines ‘We Care’ and ‘Magnified’ (Kengeri campus). 

In 2019, the Media and Communication wing organized its first-ever flagship event, “Abhivyakti”.



Working to make the world a safer, cleaner and healthier place for everyone

DISHA is the pristine wing born in CSA Kengeri Campus. It is unlike any other wing of CSA, as it provides the volunteers to apply their classroom knowledge (of various disciplines) towards socially relevant problems.

These problems would be taken as projects with an ideal tenure of a semester. The projects can be of research or social nature. Through these projects, volunteers work for a better tomorrow.





Awareness. Sustainability. Change. 

The main objective of this project was to contribute to the children’s holistic development by making them more self-sufficient and confident. It focuses on building stronger volunteer interaction between the kids and provides more visibility to the project. 

M?tram involves sessions, events, and research assessments. These constitute content team exposure and workshops, career guidance, Matram over coffee, Matram Camp, plantation drive, SHG meetings, movie screening, building a research database, and self-esteem assessment.

Awareness. Sustainability. Change.

 Project Yuva, under the wing Prayatna, aims to educate students, faculties, and stakeholders in project areas on issues that are not directly covered by other wings of CSA. This dynamic project collaborates with the other wings as per the chosen topic and requirement. Core members choose topics after significant research and determine a tentative period to fulfill the set goals.

Currently, it is working towards ‘Sustainable Menstrual Practises.' In the coming future, they hope to work independently and take up initiatives as an Independent project.







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