We sensitize student volunteers through student programs. Students’ initiatives are directed to focus on child development and society as a whole. The student program consists of:





It's an attempt by CSA with selected departments of the University to integrate academic learning with community service for students to learn, practice, and reflect upon civic responsibility. Service Learning helps students to undertake sustainable development activities to address community-identified needs while simultaneously undertaking social responsibility.

With selected departments of the University, we integrate academic learning with community service. Service Learning helps students to undertake sustainable development activities to address community-identified needs while simultaneously undertaking social responsibility.



          . To provide students with a realistic picture of prevailing social conditions and problems, and initiate development-oriented plans in the community.

          . Develop a sense of Social responsibility.

          . Develop awareness about the needs of others while participating in service activities.

          . Access experiential learning and gain new perspectives on the theoretical understanding


Service Learning Annual Report 2015-16






The motto of the Activity Centre speaks for itself. This wing of CSA is dedicated to the holistic     development of children in project areas. It takes initiatives to educate the underprivileged and help them become empowered by imparting knowledge. The volunteers, over a course of time, become much more than just teachers; they are a friend, brother, sister and a mentor.

The wing is bustling with activities and new initiatives throughout the year. Currently, the ongoing events are Handful of Food (in collaboration with DHM) and Daily Teaching Sessions in the Vriddhi Project area of CSA. Volunteers attempt to provide fun activities and better learning for the kids Career Guidance, Nanban sessions, stationery drives, Buddy project, workshops, and carnivals for the children from project areas.




Prayatna is an environmental advocacy wing that focuses on climate action, sustainability, women's empowerment, animal welfare, and mental health. Prayatna is a wing where efforts are integrated with innovative ideas for a sustainable world and spread awareness on the fragility and protection of our environment, from planting trees to fostering sustainable practices. Volunteers in the wing are engaged in various activities like plantation drives, clean-up drives, sensitization campaign visits to shelters, interacting with our beloved Akkas, and various other campaigns to achieve the aims of Prayatna.

Prayatna is working closely with Parivarthana, the waste management unit of the university, to make the campus a ZERO-WASTE campus. Parivarthana, meaning CHANGE, was established in the year 2008 to engage in waste segregation, paper recycling, composting, water treatment, and biogas. Sensitization Week, Sustainability Week, and Saadhana are the few other major events organized by Prayatna every year to achieve its aims and contribute to the SDGs.




Naataka Naataka, the words that lie at the heart of the theater wing of CSA, Drishti. Drishti means vision and we as a wing stand for the vision of change. The wing chants and roams the streets to sensitize, impact and create awareness about different social issues. Art is the best form of expression and drishti as a team aim to provide a voice for change. We work closely to sow that seed of change in every individual that watches us on the streets. From street theatre to mime to musicals Drishti is about hearing the unheard voices.

Drishti is no acting, no scripts, no sets it’s all about changing mindsets. Drishti doesn't perform to win accolades but rather we perform to reform.




Media and Communications as a wing aims to sensitize people on numerous issues through media tools. Volunteers engage in photography, videography, writing and designing and bring out stories of the deprived communities to the public to create awareness.  Social media is one of the main focuses of Media and Communications as it helps in reaching large audiences and connecting them to issues of the society. M&C also documents all the events that are organized in CSA to promote the organization’s work. Volunteers document each event by reporting, photography and videography.  

The wing organizes various events such as Story Hunts, Peer learning, Training on Digital Tools, Abhivyakti, and Social Media Campaigns. An annual magazine called “We Care” is released each year on specific topics and themes.



Working to make the world a safer, cleaner and healthier place for everyone

DISHA is the pristine wing born in CSA Kengeri Campus. It is unlike any other wing of CSA, as it provides the volunteers to apply their classroom knowledge (of various disciplines) towards socially relevant problems.

These problems would be taken as projects with an ideal tenure of a semester. The projects can be of research or social nature. Through these projects, volunteers work for a better tomorrow.






Project Mãtram is a five years young initiative of CSA to develop the adopted project area of Janakiram Layout holistically. The project area is named 3D (Desirable, Development, and Dynamic), keeping in mind Mãtram's goals for growth. Our focus is to align ourselves with the UN's SDG goals and reach the ground-level reality of the women and children of the 3D project area.

Project Mãtram conducts weekly teaching sessions for children in Primary and Secondary schools. We focus on the holistic development of the children by conducting teaching and skill development sessions with them.  In these Orientation sessions, Project M?tram strives to holistically develop the 3D project area by educating about sensitive issues like substance abuse, domestic violence, school drop-out, and more. We also focus on the development of the SHG women.

Project Mãtram conducts few monthly events which include teaching sessions, Project area exposure and Guru-shishya session. It also conducts various other events like Matram carnival, Women’s Day Celebration and Education Fair.

We believe, "Mãtram means Change, and Change means you."


Project Yuva is a project focusing on spreading awareness and sensitizing its stakeholders. Project Yuva’s main focus area are women, children, Christites, and Parivarthana Akkas.It basically works on issues related to menstruation and promoting sustainability and hygiene. Menstruation is a taboo concept that is bounded by constraints to the menstruators. Yuva has taken on a unique job to sensitize the topic of menstruation in society, in general by breaking taboos and initiating conversation.

Project Yuva volunteers fully commit to improving menstruation and menstrual hygiene, particularly by promoting menstrual cups, cotton or cloth pads, biodegradable pads, and other options.

There are various events organized by Project Yuva in order to spread awareness, one of which is Yuva Stalls, Health check-up camps, cloth pad stitching and Workshops on menstrual hygiene and sustainable menstruation.

Watch out for exciting events this year like celebrations and visits to project areas, workshops and other activities to raise awareness and Yuva's very own entrepreneurial endeavor.




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