CSA activities derive strength and direction from the vision and mission statements. Various events conducted under the student program help the students and community to become considerate, empathetic, and inclusive. These activities raise the students to be socially responsible with a major focus on what is volunteerism.


Events 2023


Milan 2023 - 12th - 14th February, 2023

The Centre for Social Action hosts a biennial event in Milan. Milan gathers children from all of our project areas and engages them in a variety of activities and other learning opportunities. It was a three-day event that included sports day events, cultural programmes, and a day tour of Bangalore.
The first day began with the arrival of the children at the Bangalore Central Campus, followed by the event's opening ceremony. Mr. Mayura Raghavendra, a well-known radio jockey, attended the opening ceremony. The event began with a march past and flag hoisting, followed by a variety of smaller fun activities designed to keep the children engaged and promote teamwork and compassion among the children. This was followed by sports such as kabaddi, Kho kho, lemon and spoon race, sack race, and many more. A carnival was planned for the children after a nutritious lunch. It was packed with vibrant stalls, entertainment, and activities ranging from educational and career counselling provided by Christ University's Centre for Academic and Professional Support to fun games, popcorn, and candy floss. As more children arrived, the atmosphere became more lively, and the volunteers couldn't help but join in the fun by dancing with the children to popular songs. The kids were given a glass of tang to cool off from the heat before continuing to have fun.
Day 2 began with a nutritious and healthy breakfast, followed by off-stage cultural events such as drawing, painting, and best out of waste competitions. Following lunch, there were on-stage cultural performances by children from each project area, who performed graceful dances and sang melodious songs. The event concluded with a prize distribution ceremony for the winners of the various events and a closing ceremony during which the event's official aftermovie was released.
On the third day, the Bagalkot children were taken to see Bangalore. The children were taken to Vidhan Soudha and witnessed a legislative council session. Following an enriching experience at Vidhan Soudha, the children were taken to Lal Bagh to experience Bangalore's scenic beauty. Student volunteers in Lal Bagh distributed packed lunch packets to the children. While the children were enjoying the scenery of Lal Bagh, the volunteers organized a small Antakshari game for them. Volunteers ensured the children's safety and comfort throughout the event. By 6:00 PM, the children and volunteers had arrived at the KSR Bengaluru train station, and by 6:30 PM, they had left for Bagalkot.

Court of Women on Covid- 20th and 21st January, 2023

The Court for Women on Covid was organized by CSA in collaboration with Vimochana, a women's rights forum, and featured testimonials from female identifying and non-binary speakers on topics such as gendered violence, poverty, and systematic failures, particularly during the pandemic. The first day featured sessions on domestic and sexual abuse, crime against women, and poverty and economic oppression. The jury spent a lot of time discussing how the pandemic was especially cruel to female identifying and non-binary people who lost their jobs, faced countless and nameless abuse and trauma, and were socially isolated. Day one concluded that the system, whether government or judiciary, must be held accountable for the treatment of marginalized communities.
The second day featured a variety of activities, beginning with a "Women in Black" march around the Central Campus to protest all forms of violence against women. Members of Vimochana marched across, singing and shouting slogans and taking a stand against violence. Vimochana, CSA, and CathArtic founded "The Poetry and Art Walk" in response to this inspiration. The forum addressed the difficulties they face in their daily lives, as well as the community and support they currently have, in the Speaker's Corner. A soothing Kannada song set the tone for the Music and Poetry circle, which featured Dalit activists and poets sharing their stories.
Through their poetry, queer actors from a Chennai theatre group addressed pressing issues such as islamophobia, war, and others. Mamta Sagar and her students led the poems, which emphasized the importance of self-respect and accepting flaws in all humans. Rangbhumi, a theatre group, performed an act that explored the complexities of one's identity, navigating the audience's emotions and creating a safe space for everyone to freely express themselves.
Drishti, CSA's theatre wing, performed a play to raise awareness about the impact of patriarchal society, gender inequality, trafficking, and its ramifications. In addition, two sixteen-year-olds with black belts in taekwondo and karate led a self-defense workshop. An amalgamation of traditional art forms was held to highlight the diverse and unique art forms such as Kolata, which was followed by a street play by a local theatre group called "Budakattu Karmikara Sangha Beedhi Nataka" discussing their lives during the pandemic. The event concluded with Mohiniyattam, a traditional Kerala dance.
Overall, the event provided volunteers with a better understanding of the difficulties faced by the marginalized group, which was heightened during the pandemic. The volunteers were given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet a diverse group of people and assist them in gaining new perspectives and increasing social awareness.

3D Project area - CSP Kit Distribution - 18th January, 2023

CSA distributed 50 CSP kits to children at the 3D project area as part of the Child Sponsorship Program (Janaki Ram Layout). Dr. Victor Paul (CSA Director), Dr. Sharon Valarmathi (CSA Faculty Coordinator), and 6 volunteers distributed the kits, which included grade-appropriate textbooks, notebooks, pens, colour pencils, and other stationery, as well as nutrition kits containing pulses, ground nuts, flour, salt plum cake, and so on. This not only motivates the children to study, but it also provides them with nutritious food. The volunteers realized the value of education and are now able to actively participate in and give back to the community.


LR Nagar Project - CSP Kit Distribution- 16th January, 2023

The Child Sponsorship Programme (CSP), a CSA initiative, aims to financially and mentor project area children in their education. A team of six volunteers delivered CSP kits to children in the LR Nagar Project area. The kits not only contained textbooks corresponding to their grade, pens, writing materials, and stationery, but also nutrition kits containing pulses, salt, flour, and other ingredients to meet their nutritional needs. The primary goal is to promote education and health in both children and volunteers. It serves as a platform for volunteers to gain first-hand knowledge of the project area.

Peer Learning Programme (9th to 14th January,2023)

A week-long workshop hosted by the CSA's Media and Communications wing in which senior CSA volunteers who are skilled in using media tools share their knowledge with the volunteers. Media tools such as designing, content writing, reporting, video editing, and videography were taught. 174 volunteers participated in the peer learning programme over the course of these sessions.
This workshop assisted CSA in more professionally documenting their work, as volunteers with these new skills would be able to contribute more. Furthermore, it improves the skills of volunteers and aids them in network building.

Animal Shelter Visit- 8th January, 2023

A group of 31 CSA volunteers went to Love for Forgotten, an animal shelter in Nettigere, Bangalore, that houses between 80 and 100 rescued dogs. The main goal was to raise awareness about animal welfare and the environmental impact. The volunteers were divided into three groups and given three tasks: bathing the dogs, interacting with Mr. Piyo, the caretaker, to gain a better understanding of animal welfare, and interacting with the dogs.
The caretaker was able to share his stories and experiences. The visit provided exposure for the shelter, which is located outside of the city, and provided volunteers with a unique opportunity to bond with the dogs and become more sensitive to the issues faced by strays in India.

Events 2022


For Better or for Worse: 29th November, 2022

On the topic of 'The route not taken,' the Media and Communication wing of CSA staged 'For better or for worse,' an open mic and human library. It was planned for people to come and chat about their life choices and how they have affected them. The session began with ice breakers and personal introductions then progressed to issues such as loneliness, forgiveness, and judgements. Its goal was to provide a secure area for people to communicate about their experiences and feelings. The people's smiles at the end of the session were an indication of how successful the session was.

Udaan: A play on Women Rights: 28th November

"When action meets compassion, lives change". In this spirit, the CSA's Drishti wing staged an entertaining play, UDAAN, in the Vriddhi project neighbourhood of L.R. Nagar. The play was about women's rights and addressed difficult subjects such as domestic abuse, sexual assault, and substance misuse. Volunteers chanted slogans loudly, attracting and engaging people of all groups in the audience. The audience found the play to be participatory, instructive, and relatable. The volunteers returned to college satisfied with their efforts.

Drishti Play International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls: 25th November

As part of the UN's campaign on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls, the Drishti wing performed a unique play. The volunteers poured their hearts and souls into the dramatic performance, which recounted a family's narrative. This play was created to raise awareness about domestic violence and the effects it has on the lives of women and girls who have experienced it. Volunteers used their skills and abilities to promote awareness and impact society.

Children’s Day celebration (3D Project Area): November 22, 2022

Volunteers from Project Matram came to the 3D project area to celebrate Children's Day. They held a variety of games and activities (finger painting, cup stacking, and Pictionary), all of which were designed to teach the children essential lessons and expose them to new ideas in a fun way. The pupils were also given an overview of the CSA and Project Matram duties. The lesson allowed the youngsters to develop skills such as teamwork and creativity. It also taught the volunteers patience and good communication skills, and inspired them to participate in other similar initiatives in the future.

Project Matram teaching session: November 19, 2022

The volunteers of Project M?tram conducted teaching sessions on a number of various themes ranging from "Punctuality and Time management" to "effective communication strategies" for the youngsters in Janakiram Layout. The volunteers use various games and activities (roleplaying, crafts, and poetry) to familiarise and teach the children about the issue. The session improved the children's skills, production, and overall behaviour. It also taught the volunteers how to engage a crowd and gave them the opportunity to develop their teaching skills.

Child Sponsorship Programme(CSP) silent march: November 18, 2022

The Centre for Social Action (CSA) organized a silent march on the Central Campus of Christ University to promote its flagship initiative, the Child Sponsorship Programme, which funds the education of underprivileged children. From 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., volunteers carried placards with information about the programme around the campus. The effort raised awareness of and appreciation for the Child Sponsorship Program among volunteers and the student community.

Children Day Celebration (Vriddhi Project Area) - 18th November, 2022

On the occasion of Children's Day, The Centre for Social Action planned a variety of colourful activities and games in LR Nagar for the children adopted via the Child Sponsorship Program. Sr Ancy, the project coordinator, opened the session with a speech to the children. The seventeen eager volunteers created a captivating setting for the children by engaging them in a variety of exciting activities such as face painting, drawing, musical chairs, and so on. At the end of the session, the children were also given an educational and food kit. The event ended with both volunteers and youngsters smiling.

M&C and Project Yuva Collaboration – 10 November 2022

Waste disposal is an essential component of any society's development. Project Yuva organised a poster-making push in partnership with the CSA's Media and Communication division. The volunteers were taught about the importance of media and the impact it has on society. Along with crafting posters, the volunteers were also educated on proper sanitary waste disposal. The posters were then exhibited throughout campus to guarantee that the United Nations' message of adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all students reached every student.

Guru Shishya Session - 4 November 2022

Hormonal changes are an inevitable aspect of every adolescent's life, and recognising their significance is essential. Project Matram held a learning session with its volunteers in Janakiram Layout with the goal of educating youngsters about hormonal changes, puberty, and the stigmas connected with it. The event was quite informative because the volunteers, along with Ms. Smitha from the University's Psychology department, cleared all doubts anonymously. The event was a step toward the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal:3 - Good Health and Well-Being.

Ice breaker session for volunteers by Project Matram - 30th September, 2022

An open and safe ice breaker was organized between student representatives and volunteers along with faculty. The programme started with an introduction to CSA and Project Matram. The project's future possibilities were explored. There was a particular emphasis on the CSA's golden rules and the Child Protection Policy. The platform allowed volunteers to share their innovative views and ideas, inspiring everyone in the room to work together for a good cause.

Waste Management & Sensitization stall - 30th September, 2022

Every week, Prayatna volunteers set up the Parivarthana stand to promote the Parivarthana unit akkas' products. The items are fully eco-friendly because they are made from waste generated on campus. The proceeds from the sale of these products are utilized to support the women who labour at the Parivarthana unit. Aside from selling things, the booth also featured a range of entertaining games and activities such as face painting, a recycling game, live music, and so on.

Street play to raise awareness on Waste Segregation - 30th September, 2022

DRISHTI the CSA theatre wing staged a street play on the topic of waste segregation inside the University to promote awareness and encourage Christites to segregate their waste at the source. The student body was made aware of the community's difficulties as well as the negative impact on the environment if waste is not separated at the source. The show also emphasised the efforts of the Parivarthana unit akkas in maintaining a clean and green campus.

Clothes Donation Drive (CSA in collaboration with BOSCO) - 26th September, 2022

Students from HAN University, in partnership with CSA and BOSCO, organized a clothing collecting and donation drive. The main goal of this campaign was to promote awareness about clean and hygenic clothing and to ensure that those in need of it had access to it. There was a large turnout of Christites for clothing donations, and a large amount of clothing was gathered over the two-week campaign. By the end of the drive, in addition to clothing, stationery, and board games had been collected and donated to BOSCO.

Naya Kadam - An introduction to sustainable menstruation - 22nd September, 2022

Naya Kadam - Project Yuva provided volunteers with a session on sustainable menstruation. The session's goal was to raise awareness about menstruation products and the stigma associated with them. The use of a cloth pad and menstruation cup was also shown by Project Yuva staff to provide the volunteers with a thorough understanding of the subject. An interactive game was held to dispel the different myths and taboos around menstruation. The programme concluded with a brief bingo during which the volunteers shared their personal experiences.

Project Matram Holistic Education Session - 17th September, 2022

Project Matram provides holistic education to youngsters in the 3D Project region (Janakiram Layout). These seminars attempt to teach children on a number of themes such as self-esteem while also sensitizing them to issues such as substance addiction and sexual health. Each session focuses on a different topic, and the children learn through enjoyable interactive methods such as storytelling and activities. Interacting with volunteers motivates the children in the project regions to continue their studies. These workshops not only serve the community in a variety of ways, but they also make volunteers more sympathetic to society's concerns.

Drishti Play- Social Awareness - 14th September, 2022

Drishti, CSA's theatrical wing, organized a social awareness play that addressed critical issues such as domestic abuse, sexual assault, and substance misuse. The performance was performed by the wing in two different spots on the Janakiram layout. On September 14, 2022, the play made a great impression on the inhabitants of Janakiram Layout. It was primarily about how substances may influence a family, and they displayed the consequences of what might happen to individuals who abuse them. The audience reacted well and learned the necessity of reaching out to individuals who have been victimized. The audience was made aware of it, and they participated in answering questions about abuse and how to get help.

Health Check-up Camp- CSA with Snehasraya Muthoot Finance - 7th September, 2022

The Centre for Social Action (CSA) hosted a health screening camp for the residents of LR Nagar, a CSA urban project area, in conjunction with Snehasraya, Muthoot Finance's CSR wing. A free medical health camp is a life-saving programme for neglected groups in both rural and urban locations. The major goal of the camp was to improve general health awareness in the community and to bring medical services within their reach.
This health checkup camp assisted the community in undergoing a routine health exam and becoming more aware of their health; it also brought much-needed medical services within the people's grasp. Thus overall members of the community recognized the importance of regular health checkups.

CSA Inauguration and Orientation - 7th September, 2022

The Centre for Social Action Orientation is held at the start of each academic year to inform the organization's student volunteer body about its operations, wings, projects, and goals for the year. CSA received over 2700 enrollments from University students for the academic year 2022-23. The orientation inspired and educated student volunteers on the value of providing a helpful hand and empowering the community.

Health Check-up camp - 23rd August

We checked your health! A health check-up camp was held at Adugodi government school by the Centre for Social Action (CSA) in partnership with the Biocon Foundation. The check-up sought to promote healthy eating habits, a balanced diet, and good cleanliness. Doctors and volunteers performed basic health checks, as well as a haemoglobin test, oral hygiene test, and eye exam.

Workshop on Street theater - 23rd August 

They don't need to seem excited because the hype is genuine! Drishti, CSA's theatrical branch, hosted a workshop on social sensitization through street play and theatre. The goal of the session was to get new students acquainted with CSA and Drishti, as well as the bigger picture they portray with their acting skills for others to learn from.

Blood Donation Drive - CSA in collaboration with St. John’s Hospital - 23rd August

Did you volunteer to save a life? This August, the CSA, in partnership with the Centre for Counseling and Health Services and St John's Hospital, held a Blood Donation Camp. The goal was to allow safe blood donation from the student community to those in need during emergencies. Following a proper procedure, children were permitted to donate blood, followed by a 10-minute energy break. The student community responded positively to the effort and provided a helping hand to the society.

Parivarthana March - 22nd August

MARCH ON CHRISTITES! The Parivarthana March featured Parivarthana unit women and CSA volunteers chanting slogans and holding placards, raising awareness about environmental sustainability among students around campus. The new students on campus were specifically educated about the need of maintaining a clean campus. If you were a spectator, we hope you'll join us next time!

Namma Stories: Hearing the Unheard - 16th August 

This time, the hunt for stories took volunteers to Mitti Cafe, a place where the extraordinary happens. People who are physically or cognitively challenged run the cafe. The goal was to raise awareness of the programme among volunteers and, ultimately, the general public, because the cafe serves all customers fairly. It was a rewarding experience to witness differently abled persons being accommodated in a variety of ways, as well as their creativity for making incredible products and FOOD. The volunteers also went on a story quest through Banashankari's streets, mingling with local sellers and hearing some amazing life experiences.

CSA Promotional Play - 17th August

Drishti, CSA's theatre wing, kicked off the new academic year for first-year students with a play that depicted all facets of the Centre for Social Action. The performance depicted a domestic abuse scenario, the role of CSA volunteers in assisting problematic people, and various CSA projects. The performance concluded with a pyramid and a word of thanks, motivating kids to volunteer for CSA. It demonstrated to new students how they may contribute and be a part of the change.

Rural Exposure camp for International Students - 5th & 6th August 

The Office of International Affairs, in partnership with CSA, conducted a rural exposure programme for CHRIST international students in the Kolar district of Karnataka (Deemed to be University). The purpose of the exposure camp was to educate international students about the livelihood and difficulties of the community living in the project area. The CSA volunteers aided throughout the process and educated the students on CSA and its core community development programmes.

Drishti School Play - 30th July 

A Drishti drama was performed for students at a government school in Banashankari, and they learned the value of swachata. The school promotes hygiene in its own way, but the play provided them with more fun possibilities. They also discovered the significance of healthy eating and why it should be favoured over junk food. The youngsters thanked the volunteers by wishing them a Happy Friendship Day, which was a fitting end to the volunteers' day as well.

Handful of Food - Food Distribution Drive - 18th to 31st July

The Centre for Social Action, in partnership with the University's Hotel Management Department, organised the Handful of Food distribution drive. Over 150 youngsters in the project regions received mid-day meals made by hotel management department students in the University's kitchen as part of this programme. The major goal of the drive was to give nutritious food to students attending government primary schools in LR Nagar. The drive also contributed to the achievement of SDG 2: Zero Hunger.

Plantation Drive (CSA in collaboration with Bhumi NGO) - 24th July

To commemorate CMI's 175th anniversary on July 24, 2022, The Centre for Social Action, in cooperation with Bhumi NGO, planted 400+ seedlings in Dubbagatige. The drive was productive, literally, as the seedlings contained 175 fruit bearing plants. The programme trained volunteers how to properly plant and care for saplings. In addition to the goal, the drive was a step towards a greener future.

Convocation Day Stalls - 21st - 23rd July

As our super senior Christites graduated, CSA took on the burden of demonstrating that education is just as important for our underprivileged children as it is for them. Stalls for the Child Sponsorship Program and Parivarthana goods were set up. Every year, parents and graduating classes learnt about the CSP initiative to educate 800 children. The stall also showed wonderful Parivarthana handicrafts made of recyclable materials and created by the ladies in the unit. The kiosks proved effective in earning funds to sponsor underprivileged children in CSA project areas.


International Plastic Bag Free Day Celebration (CSA in Collaboration with SAAHAS foundation) - 03rd July

Prayatna and SAAHAS took it upon themselves on International Plastic Bag Free Day to educate people at Madiwala Market about the negative effects of single-use plastic. Following a street play, volunteers floated through spreading awareness about the ban on single-use plastic. Volunteers also distributed cloth bags as a show of strength. Saahas also provided cotton bags to volunteers in order to reduce their use of plastic.

World Environment Day Celebration in Janakiram Layout - 06th June

When kids know better! On World Environment Day this year, 55 students from Government Kannada Lower Primary School in Janaki Ram Layout celebrated with Prayatna and Project Matram. Children took part in a march to raise awareness about environmental preservation. The occasion was highlighted by the distribution of saplings, which the youngsters will care for every day at school. With their zeal and knowledge, the children were also crucial in raising large-scale awareness among the Janakiram Layout neighbourhood.

Plantation Drive (CSA in collaboration with Saytrees) - 05th June

Prayatna, the CSA's environmental wing, in partnership with NCC and SayTrees, an NGO, held a Plantation Drive where enthusiasm met the environment. Great power comes with great responsibility. As a result, before beginning the plantation, the volunteers were trained in the Miyawaki plantation technique. With the support of the general people who gave their time, volunteers were able to plant 10,000 seedlings. Following that, Vruksha Bharatha, an organisation dedicated to making the city greener, presented free seedlings to commemorate the drive's success.



Centre for Social Action conducts various activities with two objectives in mind: sensitising student volunteers and contributing a pinch of "fun" into the overall development of project area children. Some of the overall activities represent the scale of CSA's operations and others mainly deal with helping student volunteers in their journey with CSA. At CSA, we have six activities which are mentioned as follows:





Milan a biennial event, an event of multiple days with children from different project areas being the chief guests of honor. CSA endows importance on recreational learning for the children, and Milan is another way of just that.

Fun activities such as exploring the city of Bangalore, sports day, carnival nights are conducted. The sightseeing in Bangalore consists of visits to well-known places and the children are quizzed on their visits to increase their understanding. Carnivals and sports days are all about children enjoying being active and the activities conducted by volunteers.The cultural event conducted on one of the three days is a day for exploring the artistic side of every child. From creativity on paper to creativity on stage, children take part in drawing, painting, dance and music performances, theatre, every form of art is explored.

The children are taught about different values through workshops and these events.

The entire event is for the children to understand the importance of voicing out their opinions through different forms of art and understand the need to change the world for the positive.




Gracias, the annual thanksgiving meet of CSA, is an opportunity for the sponsors of the Child Sponsorship Programme to meet their sponsored kids and enjoy a variety of vibrant performances as dreams take center stage.Gracias takes place each year in year-ending where children from different project areas are invited. Gracias, meaning thank you, is the annual event where children, volunteers, CSA alumni volunteers, and CSA facilitators of different project areas come together.

The event starts with an introduction to the concept of Gracias. The invited chief guests give speeches, thanking all contributors and encouraging project area children and volunteers to keep making positive change. The event is a form of showing gratitude to CSA facilitators and volunteers for their contribution to children’s education and overall development.

 Chief guests’ words of encouragement and wisdom are followed by performances by children of the project areas. Dance and music performances, and skits by the children are heartily enjoyed by the audience. The children perform and anchor part of the event themselves. This is also a way to encourage project area children to do what they love and to do it confidently. 

The event is CSA’s way of celebrating their confident and ever-growing batches of children. And for the children, it is a form of showing gratitude towards CSA.




Talents’ Day is an annual one-day event organized by CSA, for the project area children to explore themselves beyond the classroom and to nurture their talents and grow holistically. Talents’ Day is packed with diverse off-stage and on-stage events, competitions, and other fun activities for children. All the events are framed based upon the different age groups with the aim of nurturing skills and talents like singing, drawing, acting, public speaking, etc.

The volunteers work collectively to arrange all the prerequisites for the Talents’ Day; from the transportation for the kids, venue decorations, materials for the competitions, refreshments, to the certificates of participation and of excellent performances.

The Talents’ Day is a magnificent event that gives both the children and the volunteers numerous opportunities. The children get an opportunity to explore their talents

and interact with the akkas and annas (senior volunteers of CSA), while the volunteers also get a chance to spend some fun time with the children. Overall Talents’ Day is an eventful day that everyone cherishes.


Vidth - YOUTH


Udvikas, launched on December 22, 2019, is a National Level Youth Conclave organized by Youth for Seva and CSA. With the firm foundation and belief in their 3C’s, Udvikas sculpts the volunteers of diverse backgrounds with the spirit of faithful service. Udvikas promises more profound insight into volunteering by providing a platform for diverse ideas from volunteers of diverse backgrounds. The shared space provides insights about exemplary practices of college volunteering.The initiative also helps build a socio-culturally stable network along with understanding the cultural trait of volunteerism.

Udvikas’ service circle completes the process by recognizing and rewarding the stakeholders, college management, NGOs, and student volunteers. It is the idea of nurturing mindful volunteering practices in the current generation that drives Udvikas forward. The aim of transforming volunteers into responsible future citizens in a culturally diverse nation sets it apart from other initiatives.




Rural exposure camps are an attempt to inculcate the sense of social responsibility in the student volunteers. They are taken to various rural project areas to expose them to the realities and differences of rural India.

CSA coordinates 60 rural exposure visits for students from various departments and deaneries every year. These exposure camps include visits to various project areas like Kolar, Malur, Bagalkot, Haskot, etc. Around 3,500 students are exposed to the village system of India, which serves as the backbone of the country. Volunteers realize the problems faced by rural communities especially women and children along with their role in bringing change.

During their visit to these project areas, the volunteers are engaged in a number of exciting yet gratifying work. Filling potholes with mud, planting saplings, painting school buildings, surveys regarding the number of children to start CSP activities, determining the severity of the water crisis, etc. are some activities. The visits are meant to address different forms of social, economic, and environmental issues of the people.

Volunteers promote team spirit and familiarity through fun ice-breaking sessions. Drishti, with various performances of street theatre carry out sensitisation about prevalent issues or rural areas. The volunteers are also the audience for our little project area children during their performances on Independence Day and Republic Day. All exposure visits end with feedback sessions to conduct better visits in the future. The exposure visits are 50% fun and 50% learning for both volunteers and people continuously working with the people in project areas.





“Education as a propelling force towards sustainable development goals” 

A two day SDG Conference was organized at BCC, with chief guests Job Zachariah (Chief UNICEF officer Chhattisgarh) and Dr. (Fr) Jose CC, Pro-VC to discuss, deliberate and implement the extensive and integrative  theme, Education.  A group of 200+ volunteers actively participated to make poster presentations and paper presentations on various domains like linguistic relativity, withdrawing stigmas and taboos, the lockdown impact, school curriculum and role of education in social enhancements with an outcome of shortlisting 42 papers out of 68 invites. The presentations were followed by panel discussion chaired by Dr. Hemalatha, Dr. Bobby Joseph and Dr. Vasudev Sharma and moderated by Dr. Moses Satralkar on how educational institutions and individuals can channelize towards the bigger goal of SDGs. the event successfully led to comprehensive understanding amongst all the participants of the importance of education.



Padmavathi M, Activity Centre, LR Nagar, Koramangala

I am studying in 9th grade, I have benefited from a speechless opportunity in the CSP program for the past 8 years. I received school bags, shoes, Christmas gifts, study exposure, extracurricular activities, moral values education which made me more confident. I am able to speak English very fluently and I got opportunity to participate in the stage

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Yashaswini R

I’m Yashaswini R, a sponsored child of CSA, who is a 10th grader in Bethany English Primary & High School. Through the program, I learnt to give respect to others and to communicate well as I improve proficiency in speaking, listening and reading. The support given by the facilitators and volunteers helped me to improve my skills

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