CSA activities derive strength and direction from the vision and mission statements. Various events conducted under the student program help the students and community to become considerate, empathetic, and inclusive. These activities raise the students to be socially responsible with a major focus on what is volunteerism.




Centre for Social Action conducts various activities with two objectives in mind: sensitising student volunteers and contributing a pinch of "fun" into the overall development of project area children. Some of the overall activities represent the scale of CSA's operations and others mainly deal with helping student volunteers in their journey with CSA. At CSA, we have six activities which are mentioned as follows:





Milan a biennial event, an event of multiple days with children from different project areas being the chief guests of honor. CSA endows importance on recreational learning for the children, and Milan is another way of just that.

Fun activities such as exploring the city of Bangalore, sports day, carnival nights are conducted. The sightseeing in Bangalore consists of visits to well-known places and the children are quizzed on their visits to increase their understanding. Carnivals and sports days are all about children enjoying being active and the activities conducted by volunteers.The cultural event conducted on one of the three days is a day for exploring the artistic side of every child. From creativity on paper to creativity on stage, children take part in drawing, painting, dance and music performances, theatre, every form of art is explored.

The children are taught about different values through workshops and these events.

The entire event is for the children to understand the importance of voicing out their opinions through different forms of art and understand the need to change the world for the positive.




Gracias, the annual thanksgiving meet of CSA, is an opportunity for the sponsors of the Child Sponsorship Programme to meet their sponsored kids and enjoy a variety of vibrant performances as dreams take center stage.Gracias takes place each year in year-ending where children from different project areas are invited. Gracias, meaning thank you, is the annual event where children, volunteers, CSA alumni volunteers, and CSA facilitators of different project areas come together.

The event starts with an introduction to the concept of Gracias. The invited chief guests give speeches, thanking all contributors and encouraging project area children and volunteers to keep making positive change. The event is a form of showing gratitude to CSA facilitators and volunteers for their contribution to children’s education and overall development.

 Chief guests’ words of encouragement and wisdom are followed by performances by children of the project areas. Dance and music performances, and skits by the children are heartily enjoyed by the audience. The children perform and anchor part of the event themselves. This is also a way to encourage project area children to do what they love and to do it confidently. 

The event is CSA’s way of celebrating their confident and ever-growing batches of children. And for the children, it is a form of showing gratitude towards CSA.




Talents’ Day is an annual one-day event organized by CSA, for the project area children to explore themselves beyond the classroom and to nurture their talents and grow holistically. Talents’ Day is packed with diverse off-stage and on-stage events, competitions, and other fun activities for children. All the events are framed based upon the different age groups with the aim of nurturing skills and talents like singing, drawing, acting, public speaking, etc.

The volunteers work collectively to arrange all the prerequisites for the Talents’ Day; from the transportation for the kids, venue decorations, materials for the competitions, refreshments, to the certificates of participation and of excellent performances.

The Talents’ Day is a magnificent event that gives both the children and the volunteers numerous opportunities. The children get an opportunity to explore their talents

and interact with the akkas and annas (senior volunteers of CSA), while the volunteers also get a chance to spend some fun time with the children. Overall Talents’ Day is an eventful day that everyone cherishes.


Vidth - YOUTH


Udvikas, launched on December 22, 2019, is a National Level Youth Conclave organized by Youth for Seva and CSA. With the firm foundation and belief in their 3C’s, Udvikas sculpts the volunteers of diverse backgrounds with the spirit of faithful service. Udvikas promises more profound insight into volunteering by providing a platform for diverse ideas from volunteers of diverse backgrounds. The shared space provides insights about exemplary practices of college volunteering.The initiative also helps build a socio-culturally stable network along with understanding the cultural trait of volunteerism.

Udvikas’ service circle completes the process by recognizing and rewarding the stakeholders, college management, NGOs, and student volunteers. It is the idea of nurturing mindful volunteering practices in the current generation that drives Udvikas forward. The aim of transforming volunteers into responsible future citizens in a culturally diverse nation sets it apart from other initiatives.




Rural exposure camps are an attempt to inculcate the sense of social responsibility in the student volunteers. They are taken to various rural project areas to expose them to the realities and differences of rural India.

CSA coordinates 60 rural exposure visits for students from various departments and deaneries every year. These exposure camps include visits to various project areas like Kolar, Malur, Bagalkot, Haskot, etc. Around 3,500 students are exposed to the village system of India, which serves as the backbone of the country. Volunteers realize the problems faced by rural communities especially women and children along with their role in bringing change.

During their visit to these project areas, the volunteers are engaged in a number of exciting yet gratifying work. Filling potholes with mud, planting saplings, painting school buildings, surveys regarding the number of children to start CSP activities, determining the severity of the water crisis, etc. are some activities. The visits are meant to address different forms of social, economic, and environmental issues of the people.

Volunteers promote team spirit and familiarity through fun ice-breaking sessions. Drishti, with various performances of street theatre carry out sensitisation about prevalent issues or rural areas. The volunteers are also the audience for our little project area children during their performances on Independence Day and Republic Day. All exposure visits end with feedback sessions to conduct better visits in the future. The exposure visits are 50% fun and 50% learning for both volunteers and people continuously working with the people in project areas.





“Education as a propelling force towards sustainable development goals” 

A two day SDG Conference was organized at BCC, with chief guests Job Zachariah (Chief UNICEF officer Chhattisgarh) and Dr. (Fr) Jose CC, Pro-VC to discuss, deliberate and implement the extensive and integrative  theme, Education.  A group of 200+ volunteers actively participated to make poster presentations and paper presentations on various domains like linguistic relativity, withdrawing stigmas and taboos, the lockdown impact, school curriculum and role of education in social enhancements with an outcome of shortlisting 42 papers out of 68 invites. The presentations were followed by panel discussion chaired by Dr. Hemalatha, Dr. Bobby Joseph and Dr. Vasudev Sharma and moderated by Dr. Moses Satralkar on how educational institutions and individuals can channelize towards the bigger goal of SDGs. the event successfully led to comprehensive understanding amongst all the participants of the importance of education.



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