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Peer Education System (PES) :             

                                 Open Elective Course


Acknowledging the impact Peer Educators can have on campus as ambassadors of positive thinking and healthy behaviours, CCHS formulated an open elective course with 2 credit points for training students to serve as ‘Peer Educators’. 

The peer to peer network acts as the first line of support for students. Peer Educators create positive attitudes and permeate a strong and healthy value-base among the youth that they come in contact with.
From 2020-21 academic year, the PES course is offered in all campuses of CHRIST (Deemed to be University). 

Course details
The course is open for II year undergraduate class of all Schools. The course consists of 35 hours of sessions to discuss various topics. This course is designed to be experiential hence there will be no theory classes, topics will be explained based on the experiences of the facilitators and participants.
Topics covered are on life skills such as Self Awareness, Self Esteem, Communication, Assertiveness, Resilience, Nurturing Relationships, Boundaries, Sexuality Education, Orientation, Body Image, Personal Safety, and Substance Abuse. The methodology includes lectures, role plays, group discussions, interactive sessions, group projects, self reflections, and field trips. They also have weekly mentoring and practice sessions. 
In the on campus format, the students also have a 2 day field visit to Kengeri campus. The sessions among the lush greenery and the camaraderie in the corridors is truly special.

                    200+ Graduates Each Year                                                                35 Hours Course Content                                                                   Experiential Learning 


Advanced Peer Education
The advanced Peer Education Program is offered to students who have successfully completed the foundation peer education programme. 

Formal Sessions
As an added influencing step, the Peer Educators create an open platform for students to share their opinions and experiences with regard to a variety of issues, which can thereby influence their health and well-being. This is achieved through 3 Psycho-education Sessions which are conducted in a formal classroom setting. Peer Educators with guidance from counsellors deliver interactive sessions that are relevant and impactful.

Valedictory Ceremony 
Students who successfully complete the course are awarded Letters of Appreciation in a ceremony which is presided by the Director, CCHS, Dr Fr Jose CC. The Peer Treasure Magazine is also released on the occasion. 

Peer Treasure Magazine
The Peer Treasure Magazine is a collection of stories, anecdotes, illustrations, poems created by peer educators each year to share their journey and personal experiences. 


Peer Treasure              

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