Disability Support and Services


Disability Support             

                      and Services


CHRIST University, through CCHS, endeavors to uphold the rights of our students who are differently abled to have the same educational opportunities as our other students.

The Center works towards ensuring a comfortable and fulfilling experience in the university campus and thereby fostering a supportive and inclusive educational environment for the students with disabilities. Apart from providing guidance and counselling support to the students, the Counselling team also ensures that they have equal access to all university programs and activities. 

The Center provides students the opportunity to reach their full potential by: 

  • Coordinating academic accommodations and support services
  • Promoting independence and self-advocacy
  • Providing information and referral to appropriate resources
  • Building and maintaining partnerships with faculty and staff
  • Promoting disability awareness among all members of the university community
  • Providing guidance regarding university policies and procedures to ensure the full participation for persons with disabilities in all aspects of campus life

  • Differently abled students are provided class room buddies for academic and social support.
  • Examination support is provided, in the form of special question papers, extra time and scribes whenever requested for
  • Tailor made CIA’s are also given, based on student requests.
  • Periodic awareness programs are held in campus to sensitize the student and staff community on the concerns of students with disability.
  • Assisting graduates with disabilities to gain successful employment


The center spares no effort to assist our students with disabilities, thereby empowering them to thrive and participate fully, to become responsible decision-makers, problem solvers and self-advocates in charge of their own destiny.


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