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The Placement Office facilitates the students' exploration of employment and new career avenues. It also helps students with career planning through counselling, where they gather information about themselves in terms of their interests, aptitudes, and abilities to choose their careers more effectively. The objective of the Placement Office is to nurture the professional development of the students by training them in employability enhancement skills such as resume building, interview skills and group discussion techniques, logical reasoning and aptitude skills which in turn help the students to land desired job profiles and apply to prestigious postgraduate and professional schools. The University has state-of-the-art facilities that make campus recruitment a pleasant experience.


Nurturing Employable Graduates

To ensure every student is provided
with an opportunity for placement


(Academic Year 2022 - 23)


Prof. Biju Toms
Department of Commerce, Finance and Accountancy

Dr. Vijaya R
Asst. Professor
Department of Psychology

Dr. Prabu P
Asst. Professor
Department of Computer Science



and Accreditation








Prateek Gupta



Reflecting upon the past sixteen months that I have spent in the MBA Marketing program I realize that I have learnt so much in such a short span of time.The trimester system, diligently planned by our able faculty, has enabled us to delve into a plethora of subjects. This helped uncover our personal interests while also giving us exposure to all the management aspects required. The focus on research as well as training us to become corporate ready has led to personality development in a holistic manner. The structure of the course has been designed in a way that it brings out the strengths of each individual. The Christ Institute of Management curriculum has enabled us to build the rightattitude and position ourselves for subsequent success. I feel that my experience so far has embarked me upon an unprecedented journey of continuous learning and growth in life. I am blessed to have been part of this opportunity.



N R Anatha Narayana



The MBA – Lean Operations and Systems specialization at Christ offers a robust pedagogy to the students with a unique blend of systems, wherein the myth leaning towards manufacturing is broken. The course plan focusses on multi-dimensional aspects of businesses which create a value proposition in the mindset of the students which makes them industry ready. There are different knowledge areas which are touched upon, concepts related to lean which primarily focusses on practical examples and applications with exposure to real time case studies also courses like TQM, Supply chain Management, Project Management delivers and provokes the thought of design thinking and innovation applying global focus to operations. On the systems side, the program offers Business planning to gain insight with iterative exploration to understand the processes involved are inclined towards business analysis and analytics, Lean operations and systems, train the students with tools and techniques used in the real time corporate world to crack the same also an overview to digital transformation technologies like AI, Machine learning, Blockchain are also touched upon to cater the future career prospects. Personally, I feel, the course provides a platform for every student to build and adapt multi-skills which act as fuel for student’s corporate life.



Shruti S Kamath



The journey of five daunting semesters in Christ Institute of Management, Bangalore has been one roller coaster ride. The MBA program is one which involves holistic development of individuals. It instils a sense of discipline, facilitates in the development of interpersonal relationships, and gives individuals a chance to gather knowledge in their respective fields. The course is constructed so as to cover most of the knowledge areas in HR while continually improving the subjects based on the market demand and technology. Workshops on HR Analytics, Dedoose, Blockchain, Alyuda, etc. for Human Resources equip the students to gain an insight into the trends and demands of the industry. The course branches out to help students understand areas like Work Force Planning, Compensation Management, Labor Laws, Organizational Behavior & Development, Performance Management, Competency Mapping, etc. The program in juxtaposition with Summer Internship Program, Industry Practicum & Social Concern Project develops the practical understanding of the students. With ever so rigorous academic schedule, running in parallel with extracurricular activities, students are, without a doubt, molded into confident individuals, ready to take on the challenges of the world.



Antony Francis

(MBA- Finance)


Finance as a theoretical domain has evolved and branched out into a cross functional construct. The Finance pedagogy at Christ Institute of Management not only focuses on imparting the domain knowledge but also prioritizes its applicability in an ever changing data driven, technological environment. The subjects offered at Institute of Management includes Financial Analytics, Econometries , Business Valuation etc. that are relevant and taken directly from industry practitioners. This program has molded me, not only to be intellectually equipped but also to be a manager/entrepreneur taking up challenges as it comes along the way in my organization/ venture.


Shwetha S P

(MBA- Business Analytics)


In this Information era, Volume and Velocity at which the data is generated will lose its value unless it is analyzed. Traditional statistical and modern machine learning techniques assist managers to take data driven decisions by deriving meaningful insights. The conceptual as well as the technical knowledge acquired from the Specialization of Business Analytics, Institute of Management has given me exposure to approach real time business problems. The projects and case study driven courses with the right blend of domain and relevant tools has helped me hone my analytical, research, logical and problem solving skills. Now, with all my acquired knowledge I am looking forward to Extract, Clean and Analyze data and bring out nuggets of knowledge from data.


Nanditha A S

6Bcom D (placed in Deloitte USI)


I would like to thank the placements department that provided us this wonderful opportunity to kick start our career. They conducted sessions for the interview preparations that were really useful. The Department of Commerce facilitated us by providing relevant knowledge and motivated us.


Prashanth S

6Bcom D


Thank you so much to Placement Department, Christ University and Deloitte USI for providing such an excellent opportunity for the students (freshers) to kick start their career in the best possible way. The placement experience was seamless; everything was very organized which helped us, candidates to keep ourselves composed throughout the process.


Muneer Omer



Auditing has always been my passion and to be an auditor for one of the Big 4s has always been my dream. Thanks to the placements cell at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), I got the opportunity to work for KPMG KGS. I am excited for the path before me!


Mansi Goyat

1711278 Bain Capability Network


I am thankful to be associated with Christ (Deemed to be University) that provided me this huge opportunity to be a part of an organization like Bain. Before coming to Christ, I was just a quiet person who didn’t have the confidence to address even a small group of people. But now I can very well convey my thoughts to a large audience without any hesitation. I truly believe that with the help of the teachers and this institute, my career is bound to reach greater heights.Education is the foundation upon which we build our future and I profoundly owe it to Christ for preparing me for my future endeavours. I not only acknowledge Christ for my academic progression but for cultivation of my present character and humane qualities. Christ has evolved me as a human being in a comprehensive manner and has provided me with numerous exposures which are inevitable for a person’s personal growth. I find myself at an advantaged spot to be able to sit for the world’s most prestigious companies during campus placements and now being a part of one of them, Bain Capability Network. Coming from a school which was majorly academically driven, Christ has assisted me in opening my field of vision towards co-curricular and cultural fields and enhanced my leadership skills. It has taught me to efficiently take the onus of work allotted and strive for its success. Therefore, I consider it to be one of the most valuable opportunities of my life to be able to be a part of the Christ family.


Anmol Kaur

1711145 BBain Capability Network (Bain and Co)


The most distinguishing factor that sets us apart from others is the spirit of values, the dignity we uphold as students of CHRIST. The university has provided us with countless opportunities to develop and showcase our skills. The University keeps us busy round the clock in different activities, whether it be management fests, creative CIAs or other cultural activities, which has ensured that we put to test every part of our brain. It is rightly said that, we give little when we give off our positions, it is when we give off ourselves that we truly give and that is what CHRIST has given us. I feel grateful for all the times that our faculty have corrected us because it shows me how much they care for us and have molded us into what we are now.The academic culture which provided to us by the experienced management and faculty of CHRIST is categorically unique. The uniqueness of this culture, nestled in the comforts of Christ, has built in us the readiness to face the world realities. In its uniqueness lies its ability to develop in us qualities which may have remained latent. I am indeed indebted to my extended family here at Christ for chiseling my personality in pursuit of perfection and instilling in me the controlled vibrancy of an ethical existence with unchallenged and unquestioned values. Though now it is my final year in the University but the quest of being a good student continues, the effort of making the university proud never ends.



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