Scope of the BSc course (Biotechnology, Chemistry, Botany)

This course enables the Students to take up advanced studies in Biotechnology, Chemistry and Botany and   can find opportunities in

a) i) MSc in the respective disciplines
ii) Many interdisciplinary post-graduate courses like MSc and PhD degree in many prestigious institutions all over India and abroad.
iii) Master of Business Administration.
b) i) Teaching in schools & colleges where any of these subjects is a discipline.
ii) Indian Administrative Services and other state and central Govt. Services where knowledge of science subjects is a definite advantage especially at the entrance examinations.
iii) In C.A /ICWA/GRE/GMAT etc. leading to very rewarding and self-satisfactory careers.
iv) Careers in Science and Technology and Management where a high level of competence and dependence on many of the science subjects is demanded.


Programme Outcome

The programme would have made the students adept in basic plant biology, taxonomy and pharmaceutical chemistry along with an understanding of applications of biotechnology. This makes them adept to pursue higher studies related to any of these varied subjects with an interdisciplinary advantage. The modules on tissue culture, pharmaceutical botany, analytical chemistry, microbiology etc makes them fit to be employable in industries.

Kindly read through the Overview, Admission Guidelines,Eligibility, Selection Process, Fee Structure,Course Structure and other details given on the right hand side of this page before you could fill the application form.

Open Electives