The Master of Philosophy in Computer Science Program is aimed at developing scholars into mature researchers, able to make original scientific contributions that have both practical significance and a rigorous, elegant theoretical grounding. The M.Phil. program duration is one year with 2 semesters. The course work includes two Core Papers and two Electives during the first semester.



The Core papers are :
1. General Research Methodology
2. Advanced Computing Techniques

M. Phil scholars in Computer Science perform individual research in any of the areas given below under the direct supervision of an academic expert and submit a dissertation at the end of second semester.

1. Software Engineering
2. Image Processing
3. Data Mining
4. Artificial Intelligence
5. Networks Security
6. Embedded Systems

The skills of logical thinking, problem solving, abstraction and systematic analysis acquired through a study of Computer Science are highly transferable to other disciplines and greatly in demand. As technology improves and becomes an integral part of our society, it shapes and defines the way we live in. An understanding of computers prepares us for a modern, computer-based society, and allows us to cope with the rapid changes in technology that are constantly occurring.


Open Electives