Programme Outcomes (PO) for M.Sc Psychology

By the end of the programme students will be able to demonstrate competencies in the following :

PO1 Disciplinary Knowledge:
PO2 Critical Thinking
PO3 Research Skills
PO4 Communication and social Interaction:
PO5 Effective Citizenship
PO6 Ethics
PO7 Environment and Sustainability


Programme Description

The Department of Psychology offers two year full-time M.Sc Course in Counselling Psychology. Master’s course in Counselling Psychology is an advanced course aimed at competence building among the students from a holistic and an interdisciplinary perspective.

Programme Objectives:
The main objective is to help the students develop awareness, knowledge and skills in the discipline of Counselling Psychology.In specific the programme aims to train the students to acquire the requisite competencies in the following areas:

  • Assessment skills
  • Personal development
  • Research skills
  • Counselling/therapy skills
  • Development of ethical behavior in counselling settings

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)
At the end of the programme, students will be able to demonstrate competencies in the following areas

PSO1 Ethical Practice
PSO2 Cultural sensitivity
PSO3 Personal and professional development
PSO4 Counselling Process
PSO5 Supervised Practice
PSO6 Advocacy for Counselling


Open Electives