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Syllabus for
Master of Philosophy (Economics)
Academic Year  (2019)

3 Semester - 2018 - Batch
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Assesment Pattern

Different components of CIAs.

Examination And Assesments

CIAs are composed of different components and carry 50% weightage.


Department Overview:
Established in 1969, the Department of Economics is one of the strongest and vibrant departments in South India. Currently, the department, under the leadership of Dean Dr. John Joseph Kennedy and Head Dr. Joshy K J along with fourteen accomplished faculty members, offers a wide array of undergraduate courses and a postgraduate programme with multiple specialisations. To promote the holistic development of the students and to sustain the academic creativity and inventiveness of the faculty the department engages in numerous workshops, seminars, industrial interfaces, faculty development programmes and many such endeavours.
Mission Statement:
Vision: Achieving excellence, broadening horizons, building competencies and developing a sustainable education model through critical thinking, ethical groundedness and commitment to society. Mission: Preparing students to understand and resolve the multitude of challenges in the economy through relevant research based education. We aim to educate our students to become successful professionals and socially responsible citizens who contribute positively to the socio-economic well-being.
Introduction to Program:
This is a full time research program of 12 to 18 months duration, in which scholars are trained to present their research findings. In preparation, they will complete prescribed courses aimed at giving them a thorough understanding of the principles of Economics and its application in various functional specializations. The ability to think systematically, and apply quantitative methods will give them the knowledge and skills to later work independently on their PhD dissertation.
Program Objective:
The programme aims to: 1. Provide a thorough grounding in the methodology of Economics Research 2. Train the students in the application of different statistical and econometric tools for analyzing economic issues 3. Equip the students with the necessary skills and competency in identifying research problems, collection of data, analyse and interpret the results 4. Prepare the prospective doctoral candidates.

REC381 - DISSERTATION (2018 Batch)

Total Teaching Hours for Semester:0
No of Lecture Hours/Week:0
Max Marks:200

Course Objectives/Course Description


The important objectives of MPhil dissertation in Economics are:-

1) To provide rigorous training in economic theory, its techniques and applications, and in quantitative and qualitative research methods;

2) To develop students' competence in the assimilation of complex arguments, the analysis of practical issues, logical thought, quantitative and qualitative techniques, and effective communication, using a range of teaching methods;


The course therefore intended to conduct a research dissertation based on the area of interest of the scholars in Economics. A faculty member would be allotted as a Supervisor to them from the department. Through regular discussion with the Supervisor, the scholar should be able to identify a relevant and feasible research problem and conduct a research using appropriate methods.

The scholar is expected to submit a first draft of synopsis/proposal to the Research Committee of the department in a specified format in the first semester of the course work. The proposal presentation for the dissertation work would be held within two months’ time. Four bimonthly presentations are compulsory in addition to Proposal and Pre-submission presentation. The dissertation will be submitted only when the supervisor concerned is satisfied that it is worthy of consideration in part fulfillment of the MPhil Degree. The application for submission of the dissertation shall also be countersigned by the Head of the Department.  

Five Copies of Dissertation Report must be submitted in a specified format to the research committee for evaluation purpose at the end of III semester. At least one paper presentation at a seminar/conference is a must by each candidate. Evidence for the same should be submitted during the final submission of the dissertation. Scholars are also encouraged to publish papers in the National/International journals. Appropriate weightage will be given for the published work based on Research Committee’s recommendations.

Learning Outcome

On completion of the MPhil degree students should have:

  1. acquired, a solid grounding in the principles and practice of various economic theories.  
  2. begun to acquire independent research skills and experience of putting them into practice;
  3. acquired sufficient knowledge and understanding of advanced economics to proceed to a career as a professional economist in industry or to a research degree.

Teaching Hours:0


Text Books And Reference Books:


Essential Reading / Recommended Reading


Evaluation Pattern

The Dissertation marks include presentation of the project Proposal (25 Marks), Presentation of Dissertation (25 Marks), Final Dissertation (100 marks) – double Valuation, and Viva after evaluation of the dissertation (50 Marks). The title page of the dissertation, cover format, University logo, etc. should strictly conform to the format of presentation as prescribed by the University and the dissertation (all copies) should carry a declaration by the candidate and certificate duly signed and issued by the guide. The dissertation should be hardbound in grey/blue colour. The contents of the dissertation may be divided into different chapters including: Introduction, Review of Literature, Methodology, Results and Discussion, Summary and Conclusion, Appendix (if any), Literature cited, Publications (if any) etc. The MPhil dissertation may generally be written in English (for subjects other than Languages).  

The candidates will be granted up to a maximum period of 18 months, after commencement of the course to submit their MPhil dissertation. In exceptional cases, the candidates may be allowed extension of time to submit their dissertation on payment of prescribed fee subject to successful completion of applicable coursework. However, such extension shall be for a maximum period of one year only. The MPhil dissertation will not be accepted for assessment, unless the candidate has paid the prescribed fees. The candidate shall submit five hard-bound copies and a soft copy (CD with word and pdf files) of his/her dissertation work for assessment.