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Master of Arts (Counseling and Spirituality)

  • Bangalore Central Campus
  • Open From : 21-Jun-2022
  • Open Until : 22-Jun-2022

There is an incessant search in human being for the Truth, which sets them free.  People are found restless until they take refuge in God, who takes them beyond the boundaries of unreality, darkness, and death.

This thirst of the people are on the increase, in spite of the comfort they enjoy today more than ever before.  Thus, the encounter of God or experience of God is urgent for our times in order to orientate human life in a holistic perspective, for human being is an embodied spirit.

Theology would invite students to addresses the burning issues of plurality of religions, diversity of cultures, and economic poverty of people.

This Postgraduate Programme in THEOLOGY would enlighten, enrich, and empower people to be in touch with God, world, and people, which will bring wholeness, fullness, and holiness in life.   In other words, it is to help people celebrate their life in the world in the company of God and the fellow beings.

1. Admission Registration fee of INR 5000/ (Non-Refundable)
2. Programme fee as per the below table
# Karnataka
Other Indian States
Other Foreign Nationals
Time of Payment
40,000 INR
50,000 INR
72,000 INR
2,000 USD
2,500 USD
Within seven days of declaration of the Selection Process Result
40,000 INR
50,000 INR
72,000 INR
2,000 USD
2,500 USD
On or before March 15, 2023
# The fee for Karnataka domicile students, as indicated in the table, is the actual fee payable and excludes the scholarship amount.
It is to be noted that though the fee is fixed for two years, there may be a periodic nominal increase to meet the rise in costs.
1. NRI fee is applicable for the first year for candidates who have studied foreign syllabus (has to be approved by UGC / AIU) in the qualifying examination of study in India. (The above condition is not applicable to NRI and candidates applied under NRI Category).
(The above condition is not applicable to NRI and candidates applied under NRI Category).
2. NRI fee is applicable for the full duration of the Programme for candidates who;
    2.1. Have pursued and completed their last qualifying exam from outside India.
    2.2. Are NRI and candidates who have applied under the NRI category.
3. To claim the Indian / Karnataka category fee, the candidates should have studied last 7 years in India / Karnataka. (Not applicable for OCI, PIO and Foreign Nationals).
4. Admission registration fee of INR 5000/- is non-refundable in the event of cancellation of admission. This fee will be apart from cancellation charges if applicable.
5. All Candidates If “Selected” after appearing for the final selection process, the fee may be paid through the following option:
  • Payment can be made through Net banking / NEFT / RTGS
  • Payment / Transfer of fees does not guarantee admission.

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