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The BCom programme provides a strong foundation level understanding of the functioning of business organizations, commercial transactions and various specialized operations such as accounting, finance and marketing and human resource by offering a comprehensive curriculum. The three year BCom degree program is divided into six semesters. It includes 35 core papers besides the English & Language papers. Finance, Banking and Marketing Electives are offered in the fifth and the sixth semesters. Students are required to undertake a micro project work during the fifth and the sixth semesters.

Students are also required to complete two inter-disciplinary certificate courses in diverse disciplines [Humanities / Sciences] during the first two years of the BCom program. Successful completion of two such courses is mandatory for obtaining the BCom degree. Each certificate course will enable students to earn two extra credits.


Objectives of the BCom Programme
1. To provide a strong foundation and understanding of the functioning of business organizations, commercial transactions and business management.
2. To develop knowledge and skills in Accounting, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Marketing, Human Resources, Taxation, etc. by adopting learner centered pedagogical practices.
3. To develop competency in students to pursue higher level programmes such as CA, CWA, ACS, MBA or other Masters’ Programmes in Commerce / Management.
4. To enhance practical knowledge and employability through real-time competitions, projects and internships.


Programme Highlights
1. Strong curriculum bridging the gap between theory and practice.
2. Dual specializations in the area of Finance and Investment, Banking and Insurance and Marketing and Human Resource Management.
3. Optional CISI, UK- IOC certification and CMA, USA - IMA professional certifications.
4. Co-curricular/Extra-curricular programmes on a regular basis.
5. Four - Six weeks Summer Internship in the industry
6. Micro projects and NGO projects
7. The BCom programme gives a total of 138 credits at the end of three years.

8. Opportunity for a one semester student exchange program in the USA / France /Netherlands (specified universities)
9. Weekly activities and competitions by the CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Commerce Association (CUCA) to kindle interests in different disciples of commerce (HR, PR, Marketing, Entrepreneurial Development, Finance. Best Manager Etc.
10. The CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Festing Association gives interested students an opportunity to represent the department in in station and outstation fests organized by other colleges.


Regular classroom lectures shall be accompanied by any other method the instructors find suitable to deliver better learning. Some suggested methods are;
•    Case Studies
•    Role Plays
•    Seminars and Presentations
•    Simulation Exercises
•    Current Affairs Sessions relevant to the topic etc.


Assessment Methods
•    Quiz Sessions
•    Assignments
•    Field study reports
•    Periodic Tests
•    Article reviews
•    Discussion forums
•    Case analysis
•    Group discussions
•    Assessment of Class Participation in case studies and discussions.

Any other appropriate method identified by the instructor that would ensure objective assessment of the student performance.

Open Electives