CCD Digital Sessions 2019-20

Sl No. Department File name Faculty name Date of export Online location
1 CIMGhaziabad Introduction to econometrics Amritkant Mishra 19Jun19
2 CIMGhaziabad National income and its various concepts Reeta Tomar 24Jun19
3 CIMGhaziabad Market Structure Salineeta 18Jun19
4 CIMGhaziabad Eugene O’Neill Merlyn 06Jun19
5 CIMGhaziabad Difference between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Ruchi Payal 17Jul19
6 CJC Aathmakadha by Manu Bhandari Bhaskar 14Dec19
7 CJC Binda by Mahadevi Varma Bhaskar 14Dec19
8 CJC Lovely Goswamy 01_Bhishm Sahani Chandrashekhar 14Dec19
9 CJC Lovely Goswamy 01_Meera Bhai Chandrashekhar 14Dec19
10 CJC Prabha Shankar_Basaveshwar Chandrashekhar 14Dec19
11 CJC Shmashaan by Manu Bhandari Bhaskar 14Dec19
12 CJC Sourabh Roy 01_Bhishm Sahani Chandrashekhar 14Dec19
13 CJC Sourabh Roy 02_Maithili Sharan Gupt Chandrashekhar 14Dec19
14 CJC Sourabh Roy 03_Suryakant Tripathi Chandrashekhar 14Dec19
15 CJC Adhikaar by Mahadevi Varma Bhaskar 14Dec19
16 CJC Sujan Bhagath Chandrashekhar 23Dec19
17 CJC Bade Khar Ki Beti Chandrashekhar 23Dec19
18 CJC Harishankar Prasai Chandrashekhar 23Dec19
19 CJC Bholaram Ka Jeev Chandrashekhar 14Dec19
20 Commerce Howthorne Experiment a New Classic approach of managment Akanksha Khanna 6Jun19
21 Commerce Human Capital Management (HCM)- A way to uplift intellectual capital Lijeesh P 16Jul19
22 Commerce Occupational stress and burnout Lijeesh P 29Nov19
23 Commerce Stress Eustress Vs Distress Lijeesh P 29Nov19
24 Commerce Derivatives Prakash M 15Feb20
25 Computer Science Subtraction using 1s complement Sagaya Aurelia P 11Oct19
26 Engineering ECE Evolution of Parallel Computing Xavier Chelladurai 16Sep20
27 Engineering ECE Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Xavier Chelladurai 05Feb20
28 Engineering ECE Introduction to Machine Learning Xavier Chelladurai 29May20
29 Engineering ECE Parallel Algorithm to add n numbers using PRAM model EREW Xavier Chelladurai 19Aug20
30 Engineering ECE Parallel Computing Models Xavier Chelladurai 29May20
31 Engineering ECE Taxonomy of Parallel Computers Xavier Chelladurai 10Sep20
32 IMCU Retail Store Layout Rupesh Kumar M 18Nov20
33 Life Science Types of fermentation Alok Malaviya 12Mar20
34 Life Science Column Chromatography-Ion Exchnage Anish Nag 14Mar20
35 LIfe Science Riccia Joseph K S 24Jul19
36 Life Science Introduction to The Environmental Protection Act 1986 Praveen N 25Jun19
37 Life Science The Environmental Protection Act 1986 - General powers of the central government Praveen N 26Jun19
38 Life Science The Environmental Protection Act 1986 - Prevention, Control, and Abatement of Environmental Pollution Praveen N 26Jun19
39 Life Science Contraceptive technologies Shama Ganesh 22Aug19
40 Life Science Methods of Contraception Shama Ganesh 19Nov20
41 LIfe Science Quorum Sensing Suma S 18Jul19
42 Life Science Glycolysis Erumalla Venkatanagaraju 13Mar20
43 Life Science Basics of parasitology and medical parasitology Manikantan P 14Oct2020
44 LIfe Science Scope of Microbiology Mridul Umesh 23Sep19
45 LIfe Science Vaccines Paari K A 9Aug19
46 Life Science Flow cytometry Siddharthan S 12Mar20
47 Life Science Biowaste treatment process Sayantan D 5Dec19
48 Life Science Blood Grouping/Blood Typing Vasantha VL 4Jan20
49 Mathematics Formulation and Graphical Method Hari Basker 20Mar2020
50 Mathematics Introduction to Simplex Method.mp4 Hari Basker 20Mar2020
51 Mathematics Solution of LPP using Big- M technique.mp4 Hari Basker 20Mar2020
52 Mathematics Solution of LPP using Two Phase Method.mp4 Hari Basker 20Mar2020
53 Mathematics LP formulation of Transportation Problems Hari Basker 20Mar2020
54 Media Studies ITPN Conference Interview 01 - Michael Cheng Fr Biju 20Dec20
55 Media Studies ITPN Conference Interview 02 - Jo Salas Fr Biju 20Dec20
56 Media Studies ITPN Conference Interview 03 - Jori Pitkanen Fr Biju 20Dec20
57 Media Studies ITPN Conference Interview 04 - Christian Faber Fr Biju 20Dec20
58 Media Studies ITPN Conference Interview 04 - Jonathan Fox_Jo Salas by Padmakumar Fr Biju 20Dec20
59 Media Studies Interview with Laura Mulvey by Aasita Bali Biju KC 18Mar20
60 Media Studies Interview with Laura Mulvey by Padmakumar MM Biju KC 17Mar20


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