CCD Digital Sessions 2016-17

Sl No. Department File name Faculty name Date of export Online location
1 Chemistry Solid waste management Prasad Prahlad Pujar 7Sep16
2 Commerce How to mitigate risk using the tool derivative Deepa T M  9Mar17
3 Commerce Indian Contract Act 1872 Deepika Upadhyay 19Nov16
4 Commerce Theory of Constraints - Throughput Accounting KavithaJayakumar_VeertaTantia 10Feb17
5 Commerce Cheque truncation system Krishna Prasath S 18Sep17
6 Commerce Redemption of preference shares Lakshmi B 6Jan17
7 Computer Science C++ Anita H B 12Jan17
8 Computer Science Java scrip Deepa V Jose 21Jan17
9 Computer Science Research methodology Kirubanand V B 12Jan17
10 Computer Science Compression Techniques for Multimedia Data Ramamurthy B 19Nov17
11 Economics Economic integration AswathyRachelVarughese 19Nov17
12 Engineering Civil Different types of loads in mechanics Ann Megha James 9Feb17
13 Engineering Civil Static Indeteminancy and Genomatic Indeterminancy Ashwin D 1Feb17
14 Engineering Civil Determination of reduced levels by fly levelling Kayam Praveen Kumar 2Feb17
15 Engineering Civil Introduction to design of steel structures Naveenkumar D T 1Feb17
16 Engineering Civil Analysis of shearing prestress concrete members Yogesraj Urs  1Feb17
17 Engineering CSE Inheritance Mahesh D S 1Feb17
18 Engineering CSE Push Down Automata Mithun B N 25Oct16
19 Engineering CSE Transaction management Naveen J  10Feb17
20 Engineering CSE Depth First Search and Bipartite Graph Praveen Naik 28Oct16
21 Engineering CSE Introduction to JOGL Riana Anto 1Feb17
22 Engineering CSE Object Oriented Programming Concept Rohini G 1Feb17
23 Engineering CSE Introduction to Pipelining Sumy Joseph 1Feb17
24 Engineering CSE Properties of Decomposition Vishwanathan 1Feb17
25 Engineering ECE Coulombs Law of Electrostatics and Electric Field Intensity Abhijith B N 1Feb17
26 Engineering ECE Rectifier Anu Antony 24Apr17
27 Engineering ECE RFID technology and applications Anudeep K 14Feb17
28 Engineering ECE 8086 Memory Interface Chandra Mukherjee 1Feb17
29 Engineering ECE Introduction to digital electronics Delson T R 1Feb17
30 Engineering ECE Speech vs silence discrimination Inbanila K 19Nov17
31 Engineering ECE FPGA Design Flow Mahendra Vucha 18Apr17
32 Engineering ECE Frequency  planning in  mobile  cellular  wireless communication Partha R 2Feb17
33 Engineering ECE Rectifiers and Bridge Rectifiers Rensy P Kuncheria 13Apr17
34 Engineering ECE Digital Image Processing Shantha Kumar 1Feb17
35 Engineering ECE Basics of Microstrip Antennas and the Trends Suganthi S 9Feb17
36 Engineering ECE Basics of data communications Sushanth G 1Feb17
37 Engineering EEE Three Phase Inverters Parag Jose 18Nov16
38 Engineering Mech Drawing Ben Rajesh P 1Feb17
39 IMCU Supply Chain Arcot Purna Prasad 2Apr18
40 IMCU Industrial Morale Arti Arun Kumar 14Feb17
41 IMCU Analytics for Finance Bikramaditya Ghosh 21Sep16
42 IMCU Introduction to Project Management Dakshina Murthy 23Mar17
43 IMCU Social Learning Theory Devi Soumyaja 26Aug16
44 IMCU Quality Function Deployment Fernandes Joseph 8Mar17
45 IMCU Debt Recovery process in India Sreelakshmi P 25Jan17
46 IMCU Highlights of the Bankruptcy Code Sreelakshmi P 25Jan17
47 IMCU Excel for Finance II Krishna M C 10Mar17
48 IMCU Building of a Data warehouse Lakshmi Iyer 21Mar17
49 IMCU Excel for Finance I Latha Ramesh 13Mar17
50 IMCU Introduction to management Navodita Mishra 20Apr17
51 IMCU Banking industry and its linkages with macro economic parameters Ramachandran T S 28Sep16
52 IMCU Change Management in ERP implementation Ramakrishnan N 13Mar17
53 IMCU Types of retailers in India Rupesh Kumar 24Jan17
54 IMCU Macro Econimocs Sivakantha Setty 2Apr18
55 IMCU Introduction to Motivation and Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Sowmya C S 25Aug16
56 IMCU Collective Bargaining Vijaya Chandran A R 20Apr17
57 IMCU Basics of Human Resources Planning-HRP Villas Annigeri 21Apr17
58 IMCU Principles of Macro Economics Hemalatha R 05Jul2017
59 Law Judicial Control Over Administrative Discretion Part1 JarripothulaAdinarayana 18Nov16
60 Law Judicial Control Over Administrative Discretion Part2 JarripothulaAdinarayana 18Nov16
61 Law Judicial Control Over Administrative Discretion Part3 JarripothulaAdinarayana 18Nov16
62 Law Judicial Control Over Administrative Discretion Part4 JarripothulaAdinarayana 18Nov16
63 Law Judicial Control Over Administrative Discretion Part5 JarripothulaAdinarayana 18Nov16
64 Law The Government of India Act 1935 Pukhraj Agarwal 23Sep16
65 Law Law of International Armed Conflict Sanjay Shenoi P 19Nov17
66 Life Sciences How Environmental conservation was practiced in Indian mythology and culture Antoney P U 27Sep16
67 Life Sciences Acid rain and ozone layer depletion Praveen N 7Sep16
68 Life Sciences Montreal and Kyoto protocol Praveen N 7Sep16
69 Life Sciences Nature reserves and tribal population Praveen N 7Sep16
70 Life Sciences Soil pollution SayantanD 7Sep16
71 Life Sciences Disaster Management Vasantha V L 7Sep16
72 Life Sciences Resettlement and rehabilitation of people Vasantha V L 7Sep16
73 Life Sciences Pollution Case studies Prasad Prahlad Pujar 08Aug16
74 Management Studies Grand Strategies Prashanth Rao 20Oct16
75 Management Studies Job analysis Raghavendra A N  14Oct16
76 Mathematics Uniform continuity of a function Fr Joseph Varghese 9Aug16
77 Mathematics Nowhere differentiable FrJosephVarghese 4Oct16
78 Psychology Crisis and Trauma Counseling Anuradha Sathiyaseelan 12Jan17
79 Psychology Crisis and Trauma Counseling- phases, reactions and interventions model Anuradha Sathiyaseelan 12Jan17
80 Psychology Philosophical origins of psychology Santhosh K R 3Dec16
81 Theatre And Performing Arts Kamalakumar BE 2016-17_Jayadeva Kamalakumar B E 19Nov20
82 Law Divorce- Family Law CIA-3 by Assistant Prof. Jayanthi Bhai JAYANTHI BAI H L 19Nov20
83 Law Adoption - Family Law CIA-3 by Assistant Prof. Jayanthi Bhai JAYANTHI BAI H L 19Nov20
84 CJC Biology Homologous and Analogous organs in animals Sincy A H Scaria 27Sep17
85 CJC Biology Mounting of Transverse Section of Hibiscus ovary Gayathri Lekshmi S 27Sep17
86 CJC Biology Staining of Nucleic acid Gayathri Lekshmi S 18Sep17
87 Theatre And Performing Arts Natyotpatti Sandhya 19Nov20
88 Theatre And Performing Arts Nayika Vijay Madhavan 19Nov20


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