CCD Digital Sessions 2015-16

Sl No. Department File name Faculty name Date of export Online location
1 BHM Brand Management Introduction Jaykumar V 6 November 2015
2 Chemistry Adsorption Dephan Pinheiro 13 July 2015
3 Chemistry Terpenoids Riya Datta 6 August 2015
4 Chemistry Energy Resources Part 1 Riya Datta 27Apr16
5 Chemistry Energy Resources Part 2 Riya Datta 18Apr16
6 Chemistry Nuclear Hazard Riya Datta 15June16
7 Chemistry Multidisciplinary Nature of Environmental Studies Sunaja Devi 29Jun16
8 Commerce Listening and types of listeners Geetanjali Purswani  4 April 2016
9 Commerce Final Accounts Natchimuthu 17Jun2015
10 Commerce Subsidiary Books Natchimuthu 17Jun2015
11 Commerce Trial Balance Natchimuthu 17Jun2015
12 Commerce Panel discussion on GST Naveen Kumar 2 June 2016
13 Commerce Introduction to accounting Soumya V 22Jun15
14 Education Nature and Scope of Educational Psychology Sumita Rao 07Jul16
15 Education Origin and branches of Psychology Sumita Rao 04Jul16
16 English Interview with Dr Gauri Viswanathan Abhaya N B 24 February 2016
17 IMCU Evolution of Management Divakar G M 4 April 2016
18 IMCU Management Gurus Divakar G M 05May16
19 IMCU Factories Act Part I Vijaya Chandran February 2016
20 IMCU Factories Act Part II Vijaya Chandran 19 July 2016
21 Law Critical Analysis of Adoption Laws in India Ambily P 18 September 2015
22 Law Changing trend in the Guradianship Act in International perspective Anto Sebastian 26 August 2015
23 Law Standard Form Contract Anubha Srivastava 19 November 2015
24 Law Talaq by husband under Islamic Law Aradhana Satish Nair 18 February 2016
25 Law Motor Vehicle Insurance In India Chaitra V 30 September 2015
26 Law Agriculture as Industry-A Model DigantaBiswas Reg1 14 September 2015
27 Law Samtha v. State of AP (1997) AIR 1997 SC 3297 George Jose 20 January 2016
28 Law Law of Evidence Gopi Ranga Nath V 20 January 2016
29 Law Role of CCI as a Regulatory body of Combinations in Indian Market Hiwarale Mangala Gajanan 18 February 2016
30 Law Theories of Punishment Ipsita Ray 3 November 2015
31 Law Interpretation of Taxing Statutes Part A Jarripothula Adinarayana 3 February 2016
32 Law Interpretation of Taxing Statutes Part B Jarripothula Adinarayana 25 January 2016
33 Law Interpretation of Taxing Statutes Part C Jarripothula Adinarayana 1 February 2016
34 Law Significance of Lok Adalats in Present Day Scenario 1 Jarripothula Adinarayana 2 February 2016
35 Law Significance of Lok Adalats in Present Day Scenario 2 Jarripothula Adinarayana 4 February 2016
36 Law Minority and Gurdianship Jayanthi Bai H L 13Aug15
37 Law Introduction to Marine Insurance Kenneth Picardo 18Jan16
38 Law Environment protection under Indian legal system Kritima Singla 02Nov15
39 Law Vicarious liability of State and the concept of sovereign immunity Parvathy S S 03Nov15
40 Law Judicial Plan of 1780 Pukhraj Agarwal 25Aug15
41 Law Judicial Plan of Warren Hastings 1772 &1774 Pukhraj Agarwal 27Aug15
42 Law Refugee law Pukhraj Agarwal 04Feb16
43 Law Regulating Act of 1773 Pukhraj Agarwal 15Jul15
44 Law General Principles of Legal Drafting Sawmya Suresh 19Jan 15
45 Law RTI Siddhant Chandra 3Oct15
46 Law Standard Form Contracts Sugandh Saksena 18Aug15
47 Law Introduction to Dispute Settlement Process of the WTO Sunitha Abhay Jain 02Sep15
48 Law Clubbing of Income Tintu Lenin 27Aug 15
49 Law Set off and carry forward of loss Yamuna Vijayagopal 21Oct15
50 Life Sciences Threats to biodiversity Antoney P U 03Jun16
51 Life Sciences Biodiversity Antoney P U 29Mar16
52 Life Sciences Biodiversity Hot Spot Antoney P U 06May16
53 Life Sciences Conservation of Biodiversity Antoney P U 08Jun16
54 Life Sciences Environment movements Biljo V Joseph 18Jul16
55 Life Sciences Environment movements; silent valley movement Biljo V Joseph 19Jul16
56 Life Sciences The scope and Importance of Environmental studies - Need for public awareness Hepziba Magie Jessima S J 24Jun16
57 Life Sciences Water Resources Hepziba Magie Jessima S J 24Jun16
58 Life Sciences Ecological pyramids Manjunath B T 10May16
59 Life Sciences Ecological succession Manjunath B T 25May16
60 Life Sciences Energy flow in an ecosystem Manjunath B T 02Jun16
61 Life Sciences Food Chain and Food Web Manjunath B T 05May16
62 Life Sciences Climate change Praveen N 11Jun16
63 Life Sciences Conservation of natural resources Praveen N 14Jul16
64 Life Sciences Environmental laws and protection Acts (Air, Water & Wildlife) Praveen N 12Jul16
65 Life Sciences Global warming Praveen N 17Jun16
66 Life Sciences The Environmental Laws And Protection Acts Praveen N 3May15
67 Life Sciences Aquatic ecosystem Shama Ganesh 7Sep16
68 Life Sciences Concept of Ecosystem Shama Ganesh 16Apr16
69 Life Sciences Forest, grassland, desert Shama Ganesh 8Sep16
70 Life Sciences Deforestation - causes and remedies SumaS 20Sep16
71 Life Sciences Forest resources SumaS 28Mar16
72 Life Sciences Ill effects of Mining and Dam building Suma S 22Jun16
73 Life Sciences Human Population VasanthaVL 30May16
74 Life Sciences Biodiversity and conservation Xavier Vincent 03May16
75 Life Sciences Common Animal species Xavier Vincent 29Apr16
76 Life Sciences Endangered and endemic species of India Xavier Vincent 25Apr16
77 Life Sciences India as a mega diversity nation Xavier Vincent 16Apr16
78 Management Studies Organizing Anna Tresa Manuel 07Sep15
79 Management Studies Capital Gains Issac P Elias 04Sep16
80 Management Studies Influence of Culture on Consumer Behaviour Jacob Joseph K 23Sep15
81 Management Studies Retail Locations Jogi Mathew 10Sep15
82 Management Studies ManagementStudies_MaheshKumarSharda 2015-16_Capital Budgeting Mahesh Kumar Sharda 04Sep15
83 Management Studies Corporate Strategy Vs. Financial Strategy Middi Appalaraju 20Jan16
84 Management Studies Trading and Settlement Sytem in Indian Stock Exchanges Nijumon K John 08Jan16
85 Management Studies Cash Flow Analysis Padma Bhaskar 16Sep15
86 Management Studies ManagementStudies_PhinuJose 2015-16_Ethics in Management Phinu Jose 11Jul15
87 Management Studies Transportation Problems Roy Mathew 21Oct15
88 Management Studies Matrices Shivi Khanna 11Jan16
89 Management Studies Negotiable Instruments Stella Mary 18Sep15
90 Management Studies Financial Risk Management Suresha B 28Sep15
91 ManagementStudies Situational Leadership Sridharan A 26Aug15
92 ManagementStudies Generation and screening of project ideas Sunita Panicker 31Aug15
93 Mathematics Uniform convergence and differentiation of sequence of functions Fr. Joseph 25Sep15
94 Physics Identical Particles Murthy O V S N 12Apr16
95 Tourism Interview  Bindi Varghese 12Mar16
96 Tourism Studies Tourism Marketing Mix Joby Thomas 08Sep15


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