Course Description:
This course aims to provide students with a window of opportunity to learn about the language and culture of Japan. Students can choose to pursue further studies in this language, and also consider shaping a successful career out of it.

The course includes learning Japanese characters (Hiragana) and some Chinese characters (called Kanji) adapted to the Japanese language.


Programme structure is as given below.
• Japanese characters (Hiragana,Katakana and Kanji)
 Lessons 1-10 of “Nihongo Shoho-1”
• General:    Japanese Pronunciation, numerals
• Grammar:  Basic sentence patterns, particles, interrogation and negation, different forms of verbs and adjective.
• Communication: Basic greetings, introducing and inquiring, etc.
Abstract: “Nihongo Shoho-1, the first in a 2-book series of Japanese textbooks developed by The Japan Foundation, is a simple, student-friendly textbook that makes Japanese language learning fun and easy. The practice exercises in this book is expected to enable students to easily learn and practice Japanese language conversation in a short time.
Course Objectives:   
• Introduction to Japanese language and culture.
• Teach Japanese syllables and conversation.
• To enable students to express simple things using Japanese language.
• To have students understand basic aspects of culture and national traits of the Japanese people.


Course outcome:
• Students will be able to engage in simple conversation in Japanese language, and also gain reading and writing ability to a limited extent.
• Students will have a fair knowledge about the Japanese culture.