The Master of Philosophy in Physics is a programme designed to provide advanced study and training in research in Physics. The Department of Physics offers various specializations in Materials Science, Astronomy and Astrophysics and Nuclear Physics for the M. Phil programme. The M. Phil programme in Physics will be conducted based on a credit system of one year and consisting of three semesters. After completion of the course work, the candidate has to submit the dissertation by the end of third semester.

Students in a particular specialization are required to studyaResearch methodology theory paper in the first semester and two elective papers in the second semester as listed below.

ElectiveI: Measurement Techniques in Physics
Elective II: (Paper specific to dissertation topic)

The students have to pursue research work on a chosen research problem in the area of specialization.  The dissertation work includes preparation of project proposal, periodic presentations on the progress achieved in the research work, submission of dissertation and viva-voce examination.

This course is structured to equip the students to become effective teachers and researchers in Physics, to contribute to the needs of the society, by providing an environment of learning and knowledge creation through academic rigor and innovation. In fulfilling the degree requirements, a student is expected to undertake course work and also to attend seminars/conferences. This programme provides the students a chance to progress in Physics and extend their horizons of learning capabilities with the help of academic development, seminars, projects, assignments, and the articles of research. The focus of this programme is to prepare students and help them become proficient, for teaching, further higher studies, or advanced work in industry.

Open Electives