Psychology is one of the major subjects offered at the undergraduate level as part of the triple major programme. It is a three year full time course aimed at introducing students to the fundamental processes underlying human behavior and familiarize them with a few emerging fields and branches of psychology such as Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Industrial Psychology & Consumer Behaviour, Health Psychology and Positive Psychology. The course also includes two papers of Practical, Statistics and Group Research Projects. The course is part of PSENG (Psychology, Sociology, English) , PSECO (Psychology, Sociology, Economics), CEP (Communicative English, English, Psychology) , JPENG (Journalism , Psychology, English) and PEP (Performing Arts, English, Psychology).

The Course in Sociology which is part of the Triple Majors program aims to provide a systematic introduction to sociology. The course aims to provide a systematic introduction to sociology. It lays emphasis on the theoretical and methodological functions of Sociology. Equal importance is given to a systematic introduction to the sociological studies in India. Contributions of eminent Indian sociologists and substantial themes of Indian Society are included in the syllabus. The students are exposed to divergent perspectives with Sociology and acquire the necessary skills to understand various social phenomena through the perspectives of Sociology. The course lays emphasis on the theoretical and methodological foundations of Sociology and covers contributions of eminent Indian Sociologists and substantial themes of Indian Society are included in the syllabus.

The Department offers papers on Women’s Studies and Social Research methods. Students are offered a choice between two electives in the Fifth and the Sixth Semesters which will help them to choose the direction of study they would like to pursue further. The Electives offered in the III year BA are Analysis of Contemporary Social Issues and Study of Social Movements under Group A and Industrial Sociology and Sociology of Organization under Group B.

 Course Details

  • 6 semesters
  • 1 paper per semester for the first four semesters
  • 2 papers each during fifth and sixth semesters, 2 electives per semester
  • Numerous activities, seminars and panel discussions to enhance learning and other necessary skills
  • Service Learning is incorporated into some of the papers offered

The undergraduate courses in economics are structured to contribute to the student’s liberal education with a multiplicity of combinations. The programmes impart analytical skills and intellectual maturity to comprehend the complexities in the working of the economy.

The course provides a sound theoretical basis in economic theory supplemented by practical applications of theories. The first four semesters are devoted to give a firm background in microeconomics, macroeconomics, development economics & international economics. In the fifth and sixth semesters, the students take two compulsory courses namely Indian Economy since Independence & Financial Economics. They have elective courses in the final year encompassing two options each semester. The elective courses offered by the department are mathematical methods for economics or health economics in the fifth semester and statistical methods for economics or environmental economics in the sixth semester.


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