M.Sc Actuarial Science is designed to give candidates with mathematics, statistics, commerce or economics background, an opportunity to launch their career in actuarial science. It is a discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance and finance based industries. This course lays a solid foundation in the core principles and techniques of actuarial science.
M.Sc Actuarial Science is a two-year postgraduate course spread over four semesters comprising modules on Financial Mathematics, Actuarial Statistics, Insurance and Economics. The course covers key areas in global business with in-depth coverage of Risk Management opening a plethora of opportunities in the insurance and global investment sectors.
The course is dedicated towards dealing with real-world scenarios and application of the analytical process that students are trained for; practical application, case studies and market analysis with experts guiding individuals will be an important aspect of the learning process.
A qualified person in M.Sc Actuarial Science would have a basic foundation and a solid platform from which they can proceed to becoming an actuary. They can use their quantitative skills to analyze data from the past and present, in order to predict the future and help others make prudent and intelligent financial decisions. They can work for the insurance sector viz. Life, Health, Property and General Insurance Companies, as well as for consulting firms, government agencies, banks, accounting firms, industrial corporations and financial service companies.

Timing- 07:30 AM to 15:00PM

Eligibility Criteria:
1.    B. Sc / B. Com graduates with 50% aggregate marks with mathematics and statistics at higher level
2.    Admission will depend on performance in interview.



Open Electives