Course Description:
The course is for Non-native speakers to learn basic Korean language.
  1. Part I presents four lessons on the Korean writing system.
  2. Part II provides four preparatory lessons, each containing two conversation tasks and two    communicative tasks which introduce the speaking dimension.
  3. Part III consists of six core lessons, each containing three conversation tasks and two   communicative tasks as well as related reading and listening comprehension activities to further enhance the learner's communication skills.


Course Objectives:
•    To enable the students to build on the area of speaking, listening, reading and writing Korean through new situations and repetition.
•    To enable the students to create their own conversations
•    To give the students a peep into the culture and civilization of Korea


  Course Outcome:
•    Students can introduce themselves, order at the restaurant, buy things from shops. make phone
•    Make calls, can speak about their daily activities, use the metro and many more...