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Prepare to Arrive &

                    Special Regulations

There is a lot to prepare and plan as you get ready to study overseas and with us.

Pre-departure guide and arrival checklist

Our pre-departure guide contains important information about how to prepare for your arrival in India.

Use this list as a reminder of what you need to take care of before you leave.

You could also print these pages and tick off each item as you go.


When you accept Christ University offer letter:

  • Apply for your student visa.
  • Arrange for immunisations, medications and any medical records from your doctor.
  • Apply for a credit card and/or arrange for access to sufficient funds.
  • Book your flight to arrive at least a few days before your joining date, enrolment and orientation. We strongly recommend you arrive at least 7 days before classes start.
  • Arrange Medical/Accident Insurance Mandatory for students wanting to come to India. Students are requested to get the comprehensive insurance from the Home country before arrival. You are also encouraged to look up the Hospitals and Medical Centres which are going to be best accessible to them & which are going to be covered under their Insurance.
  • Do list the emergency contacts which can be shared back at home and prepare a list to be handed over to us.



What to bring with you when you travel:

  • A valid passport, a printed copy of your current student visa and your confirmation of enrolment.
  • Your Offer Letter of Admission from Christ University and a copy of your acceptance form.
  • Receipts for any payments already made to Christ University
  • Other official identification (driver’s licence, national identification card, etc.)
  • Any medical records (particularly of immunisations) and any necessary medical prescriptions
  • Indian currency for the first few days, e.g. INR 10,000 – INR 15,000.
  • Remember to do your currency exchange in your home country else on arrival, we recommend don’t do it at airports, unless absolutely necessary, as it may attract higher charges at airports; but to do it at authorized exchange centres in the city.
  • If being done at the airports, then we suggest to do the minimal amounts you need until you get access to city exchange centres.
  • Also we recommend to carry, universally accepted currencies which can be easily transacted like USD, GBP, EUR etc.


When You Arrive:

  • Transportation will be needed to reach your destination from the airport. So do plan to reach by means of Authorized Taxis or Airport Shuttles by enquiring at the Arrival Gates.
  • Contact home – As your family and friends would like to know about your wellbeing on arrival.
  • Report at the respective Office of International Relations on your allotted campus as per working hours to confirm your presence.
  • Get acquainted with the campus.
  • Getting connected to Wi-Fi on campus.
  • Get Started with the courses with the orientation program.
  • Familiarize yourself the area you live in and understand the best possible ways to reach the campus from where you stay, if you decide to stay off campus.
  • Open a local bank account at the University branch, or if you opened one when overseas, take your passport with you to the bank so you can withdraw funds.
  • Do pick up a local sim card from around your stay area, with a local contact number which can take up to 48 Hours for activation.                                                                                                     


Got more doubts?


Write to us on for any further clarifications needed and we will make you feel at home.

B) Special Regulations

1. All students of Foreign Nationality  (except from Nepal and Bhutan) admitted to the University are required to arrive in India with a valid Passport and Student Visa specifying “For at Christ University, Bengaluru”
2. No student of Foreign Nationality  (except from Nepal and Bhutan) will be permitted to attend classes at the University without Valid Passport, Student Visa and Residential Permit.
3. Students of Foreign Nationality who are already in India studying in other educational institutions have to obtain ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) from their present institutions and enclose the same with their application form. After obtaining Provisional Admission Letter from the University, they have to change the Student Visa in favour of CHRIST ( Deemed to be University) at the local Foreigners Regional Registration Office, Bengaluru via online portal www.e-FRRO before they start attending classes at CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
4. Within 14 days of arrival in India, Foreign students are required to register with the local Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) on the online portal www.e-FRRO concerned via viz.

Foreigners Regional Registration Officer,
Bureau of Immigration,
(MHA) Government of India,
TTMC A Block, 5th floor, BMTC Bus Stand Building ,
KH Road , Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru. - 560027

5. The following documents are required to be enclosed in the prescribed application for registration.

  • Original valid passport and visa copy
  • Bonafide certificate from the University
  • C Form from the PG owner/ Landlord/ Warden, however for students living inside the University campus , the C form will be issued by the International office 
  • Three passport size photograph with white background
  • Proof of residence of the applicant (rental agreement) and ID card of the landlord (Aadhar or Driving license or Election ID Card)
  • Bank statement / ATM card copy and mini statement.
  • Course fee Receipt.

6. A copy of the Residential Permit obtained from the FRRO has to be deposited by Foreign Students at the International Office of the University , without fail.
7. Application for renewal of student visa if applicable and Residential Permit has to be made well in advance and any changes in the Residential Address have to be brought to the notice of the FRRO.



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