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Whether you’re an undergraduate, honours or postgraduate student, you can study, live and travel abroad while gaining credit towards your degree.
You'll be able to experience a new culture, diversify your degree and stand out in the crowd. By boosting your credentials and undertaking an exchange, you'll gain an advantage that can increase your employability.

  Choose to study overseas for a semester or two, or choose a short-term program

  We offer more than 18 student exchange partner universities

  Gain credit towards your degree while studying abroad


Programs under which international

                    Student exchange is available

CHRIST Students can study one semester at any one of the following partner universities respectively.

Schools of Business and Management
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – Finance and International Business & BBA - Honours 
Option 1: Liverpool Hope University (UK) www.hope.ac.uk 
Option 2: Arnhem Business School - HAN University (Netherlands) www.han.nl

Bachelor of Business Administration
Option 1: Arnhem Business School - HAN University (Netherlands) www.han.nl
Option 2: University of Augsburg (Germany) www.uni-augsburg.de
Option 3: Hochschule Mainz - University of Applied Science (Germany) www.hs-mainz.de
Option 4: University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt - FHWS (Germany) www.fhws.de
Option 5: University of Burgundy (France) www.en.u-bourgogne.fr

Bachelor of Hotel Management
Breda University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) www.buas.nl

Schools of Commerce, Finance and Accountancy
Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)
Option 1: IESEG School of Management (France) www.ieseg.fr
Option 2: Baldwin Wallace University (USA) www.bw.edu
Option 3: Arnhem Business School - HAN University (Netherlands) www.han.nl
Option 4: IQS School of Management (Spain) www.iqs.edu

Schools of Arts and Humanities
Bachelor of Arts - Communication and Media, English and Psychology (CEP)
Institute of Strategies and Communication (ISTC) at Lille Catholic University (France) www.istc.fr

Schools of Social Sciences
Bachelor of Arts - Economics, Political Science, Sociology (EPS) & BA History, Economics, Political Science (HEP)
Sciences Po (France) www.sciencespo.fr

Master of Arts International Studies (MAIS)
Option 1: European School of Political and Social Sciences (ESPOL) at Lille Catholic University (France) www.espol-lille.eu
Option 2: Sciences Po (France) www.sciencespo.fr

Schools of Engineering and Technology
Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) all combinations
Option 1: Saint Martin’s University (USA) www.stmartin.edu
Option 2: Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio electronics (Belarus)
Option 3: Belarusian National Technical University (Belarus) https://en.bntu.by/
Option 4: Kyungpook National University (Korea) www.en.knu.ac.kr (CSE/ECE)


Planning your



If you’re thinking about going on student exchange, speak with your faculty first to design a study plan that will suit you. 


Semester Exchange Period – CHRIST Students

Step by step - Semester Exchange Program                                         

We know planning overseas experiences can seem overwhelming – especially if you have never travelled solo before. Don't worry, we've made this planning process as simple as possible with our step-by-step guide.

Please note: if you submit an application and then withdraw, you will not be permitted to apply for another student exchange program.

Participating in an exchange program, you'll need to complete the following steps.


Costs of Study

There are a range of expenses that you will need to be mindful of when budgeting for your overseas study. These may include:

  • Tuition fees (Note: Exchange students do not pay tuition to the host institution, instead they pay to CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
  • Comprehensive Travel & Health insurance fees
  • Flights and in-country transport costs
  • Accommodation (on or off-campus) fees
  • Daily living expenses
  • Spending money


Keep in Mind

It's a good idea to hold off paying for anything until you have received your acceptance notification from your host institution. This ensures you don't forfeit any costs paid if your overseas study plans need to change.


Am I



Undergraduate/Postgraduate applicants

Exchange Programme Requirements:

  • A minimum 60 per cent overall average (some host programme requirements are higher)
  • Must be a CHRIST undergraduate/postgraduate student currently enrolled in classes
  • Must have completed one year in CHRIST to study in foreign universities on exchange programme
  • Copy of your CHRIST University Program Plan (from your Academic Advisor recommended)
  • Agree to Global Student Mobility : terms and conditions

Note: Some host programs or partners have additional eligibility requirements and/or higher academic average requirements that must be met. 
Exchange spots are limited per partner and some partners may not offer exchange if there is an imbalance.


Other Requirements

If you fulfil the eligibility criteria above, you will also need to:

  • Get approval from your department and complete the application form
  • Get overseas study plan approval for the subjects you wish to take overseas
  • Demonstrate your ability to support your stay overseas through a financial plan
  • Satisfy host institution and country entry requirements
  • Be a good ambassador for the CHRIST (Deemed to be University)





Applications for the CHRIST Student Exchange Program. If you are interested in participating for one semester, apply and submit the application form.


Please note that prospective students are advised to fill and submit the online application form solely when you’ve been informed by your respective department Head or Coordinator.




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