Exploratory Report: Training for Energy Efficient Construction


Given the rising concern around various forms of consumption of energy, sustainable and energy-efficient buildings and construction methods are becoming increasingly relevant in the times we live in. This report presents an exploratory study of the building materials, construction techniques, and training opportunities in context to India. The two focus points of the study are - construction of new energy-efficient buildings and energy-efficient renovations on existing buildings.



Impact Report: Internet Training Program


Only 1 in 10 internet users in rural India was a woman as of 2015. Since this has serious consequences on the growth of women in a developing country, Sambhav Foundation partnered with a program to educate and spread awareness about the basics of using a smartphone and the internet in Haryana. This report discusses the implementation and impact of the program.



Training Program for Plumbers and Electricians


Sambhav Foundation, in collaboration with a not-for-profit initiative by a major banking institution in the country conducted an Electrical Training Program and Plumbing Training program in consultation with the Industrial Training Institutes at multiple locations in the country in 2018. The report discusses in detail the nature and outcomes of the programs.



Impact Report: Course for Assistant Beauty Therapist


Given the nature of societal norms and requirements of different job roles, the beauty and hair care sector is among the very few sectors that provide conducive space for employment of women. In collaboration with a charitable trust, LabourNet conducted a certificate course for assistant beauty therapist between July and October of 2019 for 85 candidates. This report discusses all aspects of the program in detail.



Training Program for Women in Hoskote, Karnataka


The center run by LabourNet in Hoskote, Karnataka organised a total of 19 batches across four training programs - Assistant Beauty Therapist (7), Tailoring - Entrepreneurial (1), Tally (4) and Workplace Skills (7) between the October of 2018 and September of 2019. The center witnessed enrollment by 440 candidates, 326 of whom were successfully certified. This report discusses each of these programs in detail.



Status Report for Saadhya Centre


This report explores a vocational training initiative for the mentally disadvantaged - Saadhya. Conducted by Sambhav Foundation at their Vijaynagar centre in Bangalore, the program trained 79 candidates. While some candidates received formal education and help in improving cognitive skills, others were identified for special vocational training. The program was successful in instilling confidence and a higher sense of social security among the beneficiaries.



Training Course for Sewing Machine Operators and Data Entry Operators


Sambhav Foundation, in collaboration with a leading financial institution in India conducted training programs for Sewing Machine Operators and Domestic Data Entry Technicians. This report is a quarterly update on the implementation and status of the program.




Impact Report


The report discusses the status of the training conducted by Sambhav and a major bank in India. The training was done at two chosen locations for an Electrical Training Program (ETP) and a Plumbing Training Program (PTP). 




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