Course Objective:
The M.Sc. course in Mathematics aims at developing mathematical ability in students with acute and abstract reasoning.  The course will enable students to cultivate a mathematician’s habit of thought and reasoning and will enlighten students with mathematical ideas relevant for oneself and for the course itself. 

Course Design:
Masters in Mathematics is a two years programme spreading over four semesters.  In the first two semesters focus is on the basic courses in mathematics such as Algebra, Analysis and Number Theory along with the basic applied course ordinary and partial differential equations. In the third and fourth semester focus is on the special courses, elective course and skill-based courses including Topology, Functional Analysis, Advanced Fluid Mechanics, Advanced Graph Theory and Numerical Methods for solving differential equations. Important feature of the curriculum is that one course on the topic Fluid Mechanics and Graph Theory is offered in each semester with a project on these topic in the fourth semester, which will help the students to pursue the higher studies in these topics. Special importance is given to Teaching Technology and Research Methodology in Mathematics, Introduction to Mathematical Packages, Mathematical Statistics and Operations Research, which are offered as certificate courses. 

We offer this course through Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Group Discussion and talks by experts.

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