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Biotechnology is an important branch of Science that allows students to have basic knowledge of the application of basic biology in day to day life. Right from the pollution abatement in terms of treatment of domestic sewage to the improvement in the breed of animals for getting higher yield of milk, biotechnology plays a major role.

Having learnt the basic techniques of biotechnology, the students can address the need of the region in terms of solving life related problems like discovery of naturally present antimicrobial substances present in the environment, that may help to fight both plant and animal (including human) diseases.

At national level, the field of biotechnology plays major role in deciding the fate of humans. For example, many crops get destroyed every year because of drought, weed as well as pests. Biotechnology, give an insight about the mass production of resistant varieties of crop plants through genetic engineering combined with plant tissue culture techniques.

Global needs are fulfilled by the biotechnological researches that happen in National Laboratories, as well as the R & D units of industries.