The Bachelors in Performing Arts is envisioned for students who have a flair for dance, music and theatre and are looking for structured intervention at the UG level. The programme hopes to give a strong platform for our students to develop a passion for the arts, sharpen their artistic skills and broaden their theoretical base. While the focus will be predominantly within the parameters of dance, music and theatre, other art forms would act as subsidiaries under this three-dimensional approach.

The primary aim of the programme is not to make students experts in one art form or the other, but introduce them to the possibilities with art and to help them get an integrated sense of art. It is desirable that every students continues to work under an artist/group in one art form or the other outside curriculum, towards long term development.

As of now, the Performing Arts papers will function alongside of English and Psychology as a part of a triple-major combination. This combination will hopefully give linguistic, literary and psychological insights to the students.

Since there is scope for accommodating only one paper from all the three fields in each of the first two semesters, the second year is conceptualized in a form where the students can choose an area of specialization in one of the three art forms- dance, music or theatre, through the elective option. However, they need to stick on to the same specialized area till the last semester. In the third year, they shall have two papers per semester in their specialized area to give them a deeper understanding of the subject.

Kindly read through the Overview, Admission Guidelines, Eligibility, Selection Process, Fee Structure, Course Structure and other details given on the right hand side of this page before you could fill the application form.


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