M.Sc. Computer Science is a 4-semester programme with specialisation in two areas and includes the core areas of Computer Science. The objective of the course is to mould students to acquire analytical, creative and problem solving skills to meet the industry standards and be well prepared for research activities.


On successful completion of the MSc programme students will be able to
PO1    Engage in continuous reflective learning in the context of technology and scientific advancement.
PO2    Identify the need and scope of the Interdisciplinary research.
PO3    Enhance research culture and uphold the scientific integrity and objectivity
PO4    Understand the professional, ethical and social responsibilities
PO5    Understand the importance and the judicious use of technology for the sustainability of the environment
PO6    Enhance disciplinary competency, employability and leadership skills

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO) – MSc – CS

PSO 1: Problem analysis and design: Ability to identify, analyze and solve research based interdisciplinary computational challenges.
PSO 2: Cond uct Investigation: Undertake quality research to contribute academia and industry.
PSO 3: Modern Tool Usage: Apply their knowledge and experience on modern computing tools and platforms for continuing professional development.
PSO 4: Life Long Learning: Adapt to the continuous technological change in computational science and update themselves through life-long learning process.
PSO 5: Societal And Environmental Concern: Utilize the computational knowledge efficiently for societal and environmental concerns.
PSO 6: Innovation And Entrepreneurship: Produce innovative IT products and services based on global needs and trends.


Open Electives