Christ University Management Association (CUMA)


The Inaugural Ceremony of the Christ University Management Association (CUMA) that functions under the aegis of the Department of Management Studies, Christ University, for this academic was conducted on 17 June, 2016. The ceremony marked the commencement of all the activities and endeavors of the CUMA, for the academic year 2016-17.


  • LDR

    The Leadership Development Retreat (LDR) is a two-day event organized by the Department for the members of the Core Committee, Organizing Committee, Working Committee and the Class Representatives of all the courses offered by the department, besides the Student Representatives, and representatives from Zealous Productions, various other divisions and clubs and also, members of the Student Council. The sessions and modules are conducted by faculty members and coordinators, in a fun and interactive learning setting, to provide the best of both worlds, to the students.
    Conducted as a vibrant, outbound series of activities and training modules, the objective of these retreats is the honing of the innate leadership acumen and potential identified in students. These retreats to the scenic Kengeri Campus of the University, also facilitates greater networking among students while allowing them to enjoy and learn amidst lush green environments – bonding with nature, within and outside their selves.


  • E-Cell-

    The Entrepreneurship Cell, Department of Management Studies, Christ University is a forumto provide a common platform for students interested in entrepreneurship by providing them with opportunities to interact, learn and network with a multitude of people which includes investors, venture capitalists , industry experts and other aspiring entrepreneurs.
    The Cell offers extensive networking and surreal experiences that builds entrepreneurial spirit in students. It aims to motivate ambitious entrepreneurs by facilitating channels of valuable resources through which they can develop their concepts into effective business models. We, at E-Cell also provide opportunities for existing small start-ups run by students to scale up and become sustainable businesses.
    In the long run, we aim to inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among as many students as possible and help create and sustain a large number of businesses from Christ University.

    An event organized by the Entrepreneurship cell of the Management Studies, the main objective of ‘Keystone’ was to:
    o    Encourage entrepreneurial spirit among students,
    o    Enhance entrepreneurial skills of participants
    o    Create awareness for E-Cell
    o    Provide platform for students who are already running their businesses.
    Further, the event, which involved participants setting up stalls on their field of interest and selling products to Christites, had the objective of promoting the use of Skywalk outside campus. The participants were asked to focus on the promotion of Skywalk-usage to all visitors at their stall.
    The main task of the participants in the event, was to setup stalls for a variety of products which showcased their talents in making or providing eatables, accessories, etc. The proceeds went to the students to cover their costs and acted as a motivator to do better in their respective businesses.


  • Theatre-Zealous

    As Shakespeare wisely said “The world is a stage, and all men and women are merely players”. There are those who observe the beauty of theatre with their senses, and then there are those, for whom theatre is not merely art of entertainment, but is a way of living and life itself.
     Zealous Productions, of the Department of Management Studies, Christ University is family of students from the BBA , BBA- Honors and BBA –International Business courses, coming together to celebrate a the passion for ‘Theatre’. Started 6 years ago, the team was recognized as the Christ University Management department’s official team from the year 2014-2015.
    At Zealous Productions, we work hard to make and think of original scripts on new ideas and topics to bring to light, via theatre forms of Street Play, Mime and Proscenium. Some of the concepts our team has presented in the past include: Changes in perception, Reel life Vs Real Life, The Power of Media and Internet Security, among others.
    The core messages we like to spread, especially in the categories of Mime and Street Play are along the lines of having faith in oneself, having courage, concepts of metal illnesses – such as split-personality disorders, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and we even often touch upon the power play that comes with politics.  Our original proscenium scripts are intended at spreading the messages of the importance of relationships, the importance of family, the changes needed in India and superstitious beliefs, in the form of mime.
    We at Zealous Productions, believe in using every opportunity available to us – which is why we have been taking part in various in-station and out-station fests, over the years. Our intention, is not just to win laurels for our university, when we do – it is to win hearts as well; for we believe that without the latter, as artists, the former is not as much of a celebration or joy.



  • Clubs
    •  Music Club 

      "Music speaks what cannot be expressed, 
      soothes the mind and gives it rest, 
      heals the heart and makes it whole,
      Flows from the heavens, into the soul."

      Well described by the quoted lines, we the Department of Management Studies present to you the music society of the Department – ‘Rang’. Rang means colour and our objective, here at Rang, is to bring together the different shades of music, much like a painter who brings out the most beautiful of pictures, from his humble palette. We believe that it is when all the ‘colours’, kinds and genres of music come together, that we have a beautiful melody and an orchestra to play it.

      We, at Rang perform for the love of music – as an art, a passion, a joy and most importantly, a way of life – while representing our Department in various competitions remains the chief means to this end. At the end of the day, to us, the laurels we bring home are not just the prizes or accolades we gather; they lie in the smiles on the faces of those we perform for and that, is the ultimate goal we strive to achieve.

    •  Dance Club

      “To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful...
      This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking”

      The Department of Management Studies has always encouraged the learning and imparting of various art forms. The Dance Club is a new initiative taken by the Department to bring out the hidden talents of students and help them explore themselves. This club is a separate wing of the Christ University Management Association (CUMA) exclusively designed to improve the quality of dance and cultural activities in the Department.
      The Dance Club aims at giving various opportunities to all the students in the Department to showcase their skills and to unearth their potential. The various events proposed by the club are primarily aimed at providing ample exposure to the students for facing competitions within and outside college. In order to bring out the best from the students, the Department plans to organize an Art Festival where the students can showcase their talent through Solo performances, Group Performances, Classical Performances etc. Few of the other initiatives taken by the club to propagate dance are Face-Offs, Flash Mobs and The Battle of Dances.
      The Dance Club targets to make use of every opportunity to enhance the level of dance and inculcate dance forms which have never been introduced. Thus, it does suffice to say that it is the joy in our feet that drives us, to put our best foot forward, every time at the Dance Club of the Department of Management Studies, Christ University, Bangalore.

    • Writers club

      The Writers’ Club is a literary society within the Department of Management Studies, Christ University. Founded by Pruthvish Kumar J. in 2014, with the objective of propagating the spirit of literature and reintroducing the culture of writing in the youth of today, it tasted success in its very first year, with the release of the book “The Pen and The Sword: The Book of The People”.
      What distinguishes the Writers’ Club from other literary societies, is the fact that it isn’t just for those who are already acquainted with the art of writing, but is also open to those who would like to toe the line that separates the fantastical from the mundane, and see if it is to their liking. In other words, the Writers’ Club is a platform of sorts, for both- those who write, and those who wish to write. Indeed, most of the Club’s sessions focus on the writing process itself, putting its members through the paces (literally), and working on improving their language, grammar, style, and technique, while also helping tap into any latent creativity, and stirring it to life.
      For it is said that “It is better to have a heart without words, than words without a heart”, here at the Writers’ Club, we welcome all those who love writing – be it the actual process of creative writing, or simply the joy of expressing what one feels, through the elite art of stringing the right words together for the purpose of celebrating a shared passion for the English Language.


  • Alumni

Christ University Management Association (CUMA) is a vibrant and active association of students of the Department of Management Studies. The Association encourages and promotes the students to showcase their talents and hone their skills by providing them various platforms and opportunities in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, which enables them to think and function beyond the boundaries of a regular curriculum.
One of the chief ways in which the CUMA ensures multi-dimensional holistic growth, nourishment and development of its students, is through the conduction of various management and cultural festivals, or “Fests”. Some of the important fests conducted and hosted by the CUMA include – Esprit, Thrive, Alaap and Vistas.
CUMA is also instrumental in facilitating and arranging various workshops and sessions that impart soft and hard skills to the attending students, while ensuring an overall evolution of their business acumen and personality. These include guest lectures by imminent personalities and in and out bound sessions, such as the Leadership Development Retreat (LDR).