Jabberwocky 2019 - A Winters Trail - 16 February 2019 - Block 1

CHRIST (Deemed to be University)

Department of English Studies

Event: Jabberwocky 2019, A Winter’s Trail

Date: 16/2/2019, Saturday

Time: 12:00-2:30pm

Venue: Block 1 and Island/Lawn


Literature has always been a quest for seeking, moulding and creating. In this unending journey, literature has left behind a trail for centuries now. A trail that - if followed - leads to places of joy and wonder, of imagination and excitement.  

Conceived as a celebration of this literature and its many aspects, Jabberwocky has evolved over the years, each time combining literary traditions and modern sensibilities to stand tall as of Bangalore’s biggest lit fests. This year, as we celebrated the Golden Jubilee of CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Jabberwocky 2018: A Winter's Trail goes right back to the roots.

Jabberwocky’19 aimed at exploring the talents and creativity of students through various events and competitions. Along with music and dance, students from all combinations having English in them had put up stalls with respect to the themes given to them. With six beautifully decorated and well-thought stalls, the venue had a carnival feel to it. Mad-hatter’s table was one of the exclusive attractions put up by the organisers to entertain the student community from various colleges as well as Christies. All the events though varied in form and conception had one element in common, the Literature element. The themes of individual events revolved around the classics literature to modern literature. Events such as Extempore, Palette of Words received around 20 enthusiastic participants who with their competitive stride and love for literature created an ambience of intellect and frolic. The short film competition witnessed some diverse range of films with plots that kept the viewers on the edge. The Ballad and Tag Poetry event observed a massive pool of creative minds and innovative brains with a blend of combative spirit. The students from Bishop Cottons Boys School were thrilled with the live music and attractive stalls. The secret event of this year’s Jabberwocky was the highlight of the entire fest. With participants running across campus in order to collect their clues and to outrun their opposition was an enthralling view. The fest ended with Master students distributing prices for the best creative stalls.

The fest was sponsored by McDonalds with their coupons, Naturals Spa with their vouchers and Make My Adventure with their various offers. As judges, we had called in various professionals in the field, some of whom were alumni.



Tag Poetry -

1st - Rahul Balaji, Atish Padhy, Janani Venkatesh, Viashnavi Singh (Christ University)

2nd - Tajo Rigia, Vishwajeet Singh, Asees Singh, Surya S (Bishop Cotton)


Theatre -

1st - Ammaar Fouzan, Chiraag Roonwal, Aditya Pradrep, Rishad Khan, Kanishk Khan (Bishop Cotton)

2nd - Jaskaran Singh Johar, Yashas Hegde, Aryan Yadav, Viabhav Venkatesh (Christ University)


Extempore -

1st - Christy Santhosh (Christ University)

2nd - Semanti Chakladar (Christ University)


Rap Battle -

1st - Swapnaneel (Christ University)

2nd - Karthik (Christ University)


The Secret Event -

1st - Janani, Bhavya, Prithvi (Christ University)

2nd - Mehakk, Sumair, Darshan (Christ University)

3rd - Mohammad Zaid, Sreasht, Ghanashyam (Bishop Cotton)


CW+Art -

1st - Arun & Ashmita (Christ BGR Campus)




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