B Com (International Finance) focuses on the areas of accounting and financial analysis. With this unique blend of emphasis, this programme enables students to propel their careers as wealth creators and managers both in corporate and merchant banking domains. The programme with an underlying focus on ethical code of professional conduct, strives to create meaningful and thoroughbred finance professionals. With a comprehensive understanding of international laws and financial reporting standards, B Com (International Finance)  students can seamlessly fit into and effectively contribute in international work environments too. As forward thinking and trustworthy business partners, B Com (International Finance)  students are well equipped to serve global organizations and society at large. 


Programme Objectives:
1. To enable students, through the unique blend of emphasis on areas of ‘Accounting’ and ‘Financial Analysis’, propel their careers as wealth creators and managers – both in corporate and merchant banking domains.
2. To provide specialized skills in the field of Global finance and Auditing with balanced higher knowledge in Commerce.
3. To create professional competence to take up independent positions in the areas of Accounting, Auditing & Financial Analysis in different industry sectors.
4. To inculcate initiative and professional outlook in students for better industry acceptance.
5. To create higher levels of specialized career opportunities in global markets.
6. To create a stronger foundation for taking up specialized education and research.  
Programme Outcomes: 
Student should be able to
1. Explain accounting, tax, and auditing concepts, principles and rules.
2. Apply critical thinking skills by identifying and analyzing an accounting issue using the relevant accounting framework.
3. Demonstrate oral communication skills by delivering an organized accounting presentation.
4. Demonstrate written communication skills by organizing content and using proper writing mechanics for business reports.
5. Identify ethical issues and apply appropriate codes of conduct in all situations 
6. Differentiate between US generally accepted accounting principles and international Financial Reporting standards.
7. Apply theories and accounting rules and standards in practice via the internship opportunities offered to them.


 - B.Com (International Finance) with specialization in international accounting, auditing and finance is proposed with a view to create talents of competency to handle theory and practice of the subject which will be immense value to accounting firms and large business undertakings with substantial global exposure and also for pursuit of higher education. The Course is finalized with reference to the:
(i)    CSO (Content Specification Outline) of the Uniform CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Examinations conducted by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants), US.
(ii)    CBOK (Candidate Body of Knowledge) for the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level 1 exams conducted by the CFA Institute, US.  
-    Employability skill enhancement courses like Advanced Excel, Six Sigma and Portfolio Management and Arthvidya- virtual business simulation.
-    Academicians and CPA and CA qualified faculty members enable easier and comprehensive coverage of the curriculum

Duration : 3 years / 6 semesters    

Timings : 06:30 am onwards