Dr Tony Sam George,Director

Dr Tony Sam George is the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Head of the Psychology Department and spearheads Centre for Research. He is also the Director of CAPS. With over two decades of clinical and teaching experience, Dr George’s vision is to create a culture of sharing best practices and knowledge, and helping individuals reach their full potential through CAPS.

Ms Anamika Viswanathan,Chief Mentor

Ms Anamika Viswanathan is a UK trained Business Psychologist and Faculty at CHRIST (Deemed to be University), who has been a part of CAPS since its inception in 2015. She looks after the overall functioning of CAPS across 3 campuses. She also conducts interactive training sessions and workshops on soft skills, communication, and professional proficiency.

Main Campus

Ms Namrata D'Souza,Mentor

Ms Namrata D'Souza is a Counselling Psychology graduate. She has done her Bachelors of Education and Bachelors of Commerce from CHRIST (Deemed to be University). She has worked in the field of disability for 3 years as a Life Skills Trainer. She mentors CAPS Learning and Sharing Sessions (CLASS) Wing.

Mr Stephen S,Advisory Faculty

Mr Stephen S is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at CHRIST (Deemed to be University). At CAPS, he mentors the CLASS team. His academic orientation enables him to bridge the gap between what the students require and how CLASS can cater to their needs. His comprehensive knowledge about leadership development, learner and teacher styles are vital to the work of CLASS.

Ms Swathy Divakar,Visiting Mentor

Ms Swathy Divakar is a Media and Communication Studies graduate from CHRIST (Deemed to be University). Her areas of interest include Public Relation, Social Media, and Event Management. She has successfully interned at GOLIN MENA, Gulf Daily News, and other organisations, exhibiting a passion for event management and strong organisational skills with a courteous personality. She mentors CAPS Hut of Augmented Learning (CHAL) Wing and the Marketing Team at CAPS.

Ms Lizil Johnson,Trainer

Ms Lizil Johnson is an HR Psychology graduate from CHRIST (Deemed to be University). Her areas of interest include Training & Development , Community Service and Event Management. Having worked with Val-ed Initiatives as a life skill trainer, she holds passionate heart for empowering people around her.

Ms Christina Francis,Associate Mentor

Ms Christina Francis is an MPhil Scholar with the Department of Social Work at CHRIST (Deemed to be University). She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work. She also has experience working with organisations like TEACH FOR INDIA, AWAKE, SNEHAGRAM. Whether working on academic, extracurricular or professional projects, she applies leadership, teamwork and management skills. She mentors CAPS English and Writing Support (CEWS) Wing as well as the CAPS Media & PR committee.

Mr Daniel John K.J,Associate Mentor

Mr. Daniel John K. J. did his post-graduation in Social Work from CHRIST (Deemed to be University), with specialisation in Clinical and Community Practice. Having worked with Mitra Jyothi, Ammaveedu, Bastar community development project, and FSL - India, he throws ardent energy and efforts to serving disadvantaged adults, emancipated youth and population with special needs. His interests also include program coordination, module making, training and development. Currently, he is the mentor of the Operations Team at CAPS.

Mr Harishankar Moosath,Advisory Faculty

Mr Harishankar Moosath is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Psychology at CHRIST (Deemed to be University). His areas of interest include Neuropsychology and Neuroeconomics. He has been mentoring the CAPS Assessment Wing (CAW) since September 2015.

Mr Siddharth Dutt,Advisory Faculty

Mr Siddharth Dutt is an Assistant Professor from Department of Psychology at CHRIST (Deemed to be University). He is a Clinical Psychologist by profession, and his research interests include Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Developmental Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychopathology and Psychological Assessments. He has recently joined CAPS as a mentor for CAPS Assessment Wing (CAW).

Mr Joseph Wincent,Trainer

Mr Joseph Wincent is a BA graduate in Journalism, Psychology, English from CHRIST (Deemed to be University) and a MA graduate in Communication and Journalism from Sacred Heart College, Kochi. His areas of interest include documentary filmmaking, advertising, creative designing and video production. He also specialises in video editing and designing. He mentors CHRIST Online Writing Lab (COWL) Wing and the Tech Tank committee at CAPS.

Bannerghatta Campus

Ms Hargunh Kahlon,Mentor (In Charge)

Ms Hargunh Kahlon is an M.Phil Scholar, associated with the Department of International Studies and History at CHRIST (Deemed to be University). She has done her Bachelor’s in Economics and English Literature from Delhi University and has a Master's degree in Political Science. She has also been a part of a Defence Think Tank. She has been the mentor for the CLASS (Peer-Training) Wing from January 2017 to May 2018. Currently, she mentors the Content Generation committee at CAPS.

Dr Vijayalaya,Advisory Faculty

Dr Vijayalaya Srinivas is an engineer turned psychologist who enjoys conducting student development activities like coaching for competitive exams, peer mentoring and peer counselling. He has been a part of CAPS since its inception and enjoys reverse mentoring from its volunteers.

Dr Prerana,Advisory Faculty

Dr Prerana Srimaal is currently an Assistant Professor of History at the School of Business Studies and Social Sciences, CHRIST (Deemed to be University). She completed her doctoral research from the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi in Archaeology. Her research interests are varied and include Palaeoanthropology, Prehistoric Archaeology, Gender Studies and Gender Relations, and Socio-Economic Conservation Processes.

Dr Padmini,Advisory Faculty

Dr Padmini Ram is an Assistant Professor at the School of Business Studies and Social Sciences, CHRIST (Deemed to be University). A PhD from the University of Cambridge, with over a decade's experience in Development Consulting and Academics across 3 continents, she brings in a unique blend of academic rigour with grassroots development outlook. She has been a CLASS mentor at BGR campus since May 2017.

Dr Deepa,Advisory Faculty

Dr Deepa V. is an Associate Professor in the School of Business Studies and Social Sciences, CHRIST (Deemed to be University). She has over 18 years of experience in teaching in India and abroad. Being a financial literacy expert, Dr Deepa researches on Financial Literacy Interventions of government and non-governmental organisations. She is a certified trainer in programs of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, UK. She has more than 500 hours of Corporate Training to her credit, having trained a large number of middle and senior executives in Oman and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Kengeri Campus

Ms Smitha Keeran,Advisory Faculty

Ms Smitha Keeran is a Counsellor by passion and profession. A University topper in her postgraduate degree, she has strengthened her capabilities with additional Diplomas and Certificates in different spectrums of Counselling. She is a part of CAPS right from its launch at the Kengeri Campus and is open to both giving and receiving knowledge.

Ms Rincy Daniel,Mentor (In Charge)

Ms Rincy Daniel has varied educational background with Masters in English Literature and B.Ed in English. She has also pursued Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application and is a Bachelor in Commerce with certificate for Business English from Cambridge University. She has served in an International School for two years. She is associated with youth organisation and has worked to empower youth group to impact campuses and society. Currently she is working as mentor for CAPS at Kengeri Campus.

Support Staff

Ms. Mary Anitha PV,Support Staff

CAPS Learning And Sharing Sessions

The student trainers reach out to the university audience without letting the latter go in search of a helping. It delivers a comprehensive understanding of a varied range of topics making them career-ready.

CAPS Hut of Augmented Learning

The blended learning wing of CAPS organises events that bring in expertise from professionals in the industry who enhance group learning. These events can be attended by participants from different disciplines and varying levels of knowledge.

CAPS English and Writing Support

A one stop shop that offers personalised consultations and mentoring on academic and professional competencies. These consultations specifically focus on areas that our clients need help with and delve deep into ensuring a high standard of learning.

CAPS Assessment Wing

Psychometric tests are offered to members of Christ to get a better understanding of their strengths and aptitudes. These tests assess topics like personality, learning styles, career interests, etc. This wing also aims to equip individuals with essential skills needed for their career prospects.

CHRIST Online Writing Lab

The first Indian online writing lab providing students with opportunities for self-learning at their own pace. There are several interactive e-learning modules available on the portal which can be accessed by students for bettering themselves.


A number of teams like Operations, Tech Tank, Quality Control, Client Management & Market Research, Content Generation, and Media & PR at CAPS ensure optimal quality and smooth functioning in all undertakings. They also work towards providing the trainers and volunteers with experiences that will enrich their learning at CAPS.


What is CAPS?

Need to write a research paper, but have no idea how and where to start? Have to apply for an internship, but don’t know how to go about it? Have all of the qualifications, but don’t know how to appear for an interview? You no longer have to feel clueless when it comes to such challenges.

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) brings you CAPS, an open platform that attempts to bridge the gap between classrooms based theoretical learning and career-based applicable knowledge. It is an initiative that facilitates the free exchange of knowledge and sharing of experiences with a view to strengthen students and professionals, providing them access to a learning experience that is not readily available in a classroom environment or a library.

At CAPS, we not only aim to bring about a more holistic development at the individual level but also a greater interaction and sharing of resources at the university level. This process is facilitated by the five Wings and six Committees of CAPS which work in tandem to do so.

Who is CAPS for?

In its core, CAPS provides assistance in academic and professional areas for anyone who might need it. The doors of CAPS are open to students, faculty, researchers and everyone who is seeking help.

At an individual level, CAPS helps one attain greater proficiencies in competencies related to the academic and professional sphere, through a wide array of topics ranging from research to career readiness. It is also an opportunity to develop your networking skills and understand industry expectations through interaction based university-wide sessions.

At an organisational level, it creates a platform for all the deaneries which promotes a cross-fertilisation of ideas and knowledge, leading to an optimal utilisation of the university’s resources. At a societal level, CAPS aims to provide society with holistically developed individuals, equipped with the appropriate skill sets that enable them to make a difference.