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Electronics and Computer Engineering  is a cross-discipline, integrated program that explores the exciting interface between two traditional engineering domains Electronics and Computer science.  This engineering discipline synchronizes the latest developments that combines hardware electronics, software and computer systems together for any integrated intelligent embedded system design. This is an inter disciplinary under graduate degree program under School of Engineering and Technology. This programme is designed to bridge the gap between software analysis and hardware design in the lucrative fields such as-  machine learning, data science, Internet of Things  (IoT) and artificial intelligence etc. This programme aims to offer thorough knowledge of the theory and practice of software systems and its hardware implication in the purview  of embedded system design. This programme addresses the interest of  a wide audience of learners whose interests  are versatile and interdisciplinary for hardware design as well as software analysis. 
The broad areas of research and academic activities in the department are:
Big Data Analytics
Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
VLSI and Embedded System Design
Internet of things and Network Security