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The MBA  is a specialized programme designed in the light of the face lifting of the corporate world that has been taking place for the last one and a half decades in and outside India. The Programme, besides covering the general management courses, includes new courses on the contemporary needs of the corporate sector from international perspectives. Rapid developments in the business on the one hand and the consequential impact of the same on India’s domestic market on the other, call for a professional approach and sensitivity to the international business environment. The main academic focus of the programme is on equipping the learners with in-depth knowledge of global business and instil in them an urge to take up competitive global challenges.

Programme Outcomes:

The Master of Business Administration  at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) is structured to enable the students graduate out of the programme with the following outcomes:

PO1: Apply Knowledge of Management Theories and Practices to solve business problems
PO2: Foster Analytical and Critical abilities for data based decision making
PO3: Ability to develop value based leadership ability
PO4: Ability to understand, analyze, communicate global, economic, legal and ethical aspects of business
PO5: Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to the team environment
PO6: Identify business opportunities, design and implement innovations in work environment
PO7: Enhance capabilities for generating research ideas in respective management domains 
PO8: Demonstrate sensitivity to sustainability issues and prepare for lifelong learning