The Department of English Studies in consonance with its mission statement is committed to promoting an intellectual climate through artistic creation, critical mediation and innovative ideation. The Department inculcates among its students a critical reading of the self, the society and the imagined with the aim of moulding them into responsible and socially sensitive citizens. The Department facilitates their holistic development by building emotional, academic, social, professional and global competencies. The Department aspires to create a nuanced understanding of canonical and non-canonical literary and cultural texts, their social milieu for an engaged and enduring understanding of life.

Headed by Dr. Abhaya N.B and ably supported by a dedicated team the department continues to strive, explore and achieve.


Towards critically reading Self, Society and the Imagined.


The Department of English Studies aspires to promote an intellectual climate through artistic creation, critical mediation and innovative ideation in a culture of reciprocal transformation


The Department of English concurrently functions as a service department across the University and as a core Department under the Deanery of Humanities and Social Sciences. As a service department it offers English as a language to Undergraduate students of the Deaneries of Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences, Commerce and Management. Additional English is offered in lieu of a second language to foreign students who have no prior knowledge of any Indian language or foreign language offered in the University and to Indian and NRI students who have not had a regional language in their school days. Alternative English is offered in place of Additional English to Honours students of English, Economics, Journalism and Psychology. The Department in its capacity as a service department offers mandatory certificate courses across the University. The Department offers the following core courses: English Studies, BA English Honours and MA English with Communication Studies; two full time Research Programmes namely: MPhil and PhD