• To provide high quality professional education to the management students
  • To facilitate seek entrepreneurial or self employment positions
  • To prepare them to hold positions as junior executives in the organization
  • To meet the managerial challenges of the 21st century
  • To focus on the development of the whole person with conceptual, analytical and communication skills
  • To prepare young minds with a positive mental attitude for excellent performance and committed service
  • To design the syllabi and devise a methodology to enable students grasp major disciplines both general and functional management areas
  • To develop independent thinking by each student.
  • To conduct more number of students - industry interface.
  • To conduct outbound training in the areas of management
  • To supplement with more number of guest lectures from industry experts and consultants.
  • To facilitate on entrepreneurial and self employment positions.


  • Classroom instruction through audio visual aids. ~ Case studies.
  • Role-play.
  • Industry visits.
  • Industry placements.
  • Projects.
  • Field visits.
  • Seminar presentations.
  • Flip class
  • Simulation
  • Games
  • Movie Reviews
  • Experential Learining

Open Electives