MCom programme is intended to develop teaching and research skills among students to create academic expertise suiting to contemporary needs of society.  Duration of the programme is two years. It nurtures research culture among students and has innovative courses like papers by research, collaborative research publication with a research mentor, social based micro project, industry internship, and teaching practice in BCom classes under the supervision of experienced faculty mentors. In the beginning of the second year, students are free to choose between streams in ‘Accounting & Taxation’ or ‘Banking & Insurance’. In addition to these ‘Current Affairs’, ‘Research Club’, ‘National Eligibility Test (NET) and Competitive Exams Coaching’ sessions are also conducted as part of the programme.


Programme Objectives

Transforming teaching as ‘a noble profession driven by passion’ is the need of the hour. It demands nurturing right Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, and Habits (KASH) among budding academicians. Knowledge creation through research should be the mission of any higher education institution. Hence our MCom programme has the following objectives :

•To develop competent and qualified teachers in the subject areas of commerce
•To inculcate research culture among students
•To enhance employability in the fields of Accounting, Taxation, Banking, and Insurance
•To nurture personal, interpersonal and societal skills among students with a focus on Holistic Education


Open Electives