Centre for Education Beyond Curriculum [CEDBEC]



The centre has been conceived as an attempt to stimulate and discover through experience, the perspectives in education so that individuals and institutions reflect, rediscover themselves and move towards progress amidst the educational complexities of the 21st century.


THE OBJECTIVES: To enhance the quality of educational system through the inculcation of creativity in educational methods and to contribute towards change and development in education.


The centre has a group of professionals in the field of education, management, psychology, philosophy, sociology and other related fields of education who are committed to the cause of higher education aiming to create a dynamic environment for growth.


THE ACTIVITIES - The centre conducts awareness programmes, seminars, workshops, conferences, camps, training programmes and such other activities to focus on various issues related to schools and colleges, teachers, students and parents. We also collaborate with educational professionals, experts and NGOs in the field of education.


For more information, Email: cedbec@christuniversity.in or call +91 80 4012 9451 / 9454


A Three-day Conference on Benchmarking Procedures and Practices for Quality Enhancement in Higher Education 22 - 24 :


A Three-day Seminar on National Conference on the Idea of a National University 26 - 28 July 2017

National Seminar on Setting Technological Standards and Strategy for Higher Education 01 and 02 February 2018


Golden Jubilee National Colloquium on Higher Education : the Past and the Future - 28 - 30 November 2018


National Seminar on Indian Higher Education : Current Status and Leadership Challenges 11-13 June 2019

Faculty Development Programme (FDP) 15 and  16 May 2019


National Seminar on Education, Systems, Practices and Research 22- 24 August 2019


National Seminar on Education, Neuroscience, Technology and Pedagogy 12-14 November 2019: