Research and innovation are the integral part of the University. Students admitted to the university to learn the skills which they couldn’t able to get through any available sources. Innovation and invention are always playing the key role for the student’s success since it motivates the students to think towards sustainable economy through high quality research. Although every university has research component in their curriculum structure but one dedicated centre is required to drive the entire University research in to commercialization, publication and patents. This way of establishing the centre will help the University to achieve high ranking both national and international platform. Adding to that, it is the perfect platform to invite foreign researchers, foreign university to collaborate with us for the societal applications. One dedicated research and development centre can bring the grants from various agencies, publish high quality papers, commercialize the products. Most importantly we can train our students towards high quality researchers for the future.

Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD) works towards this goal by bringing research culture through innovations. Main aim of this centre is to create central instrumentation facility, providing sample characterizations help, bringing collaborations from India and abroad. Commercialization along with quality publications are the main focus of the centre. We also dedicated to create infrastructure and patents, arranging research MoUs, guiding the faculty towards grant applications etc.





To ensure the state of the art research, commercialization and nternational activities in the niche area of science and technology


To establish highly qualifies skilled researchers to the society for sustainable growth


  • Establish the high quality state of the art research facilities
  • Create knowledge hub through innovation and invention
  • Create highly talented manpower
  • Establish research collaboration through MoUs, MoAs with national and international reputed universities and industries
  • Publish high quality papers (Web of Science indexed Q1-Q4 ranked journals)
  • Secure the funds through various funding agencies (both national and international funding agencies)
  • Commercialize the products through innovation and invention

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