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As an international organization working in diverse sectors with an end goal of development, peace, and equality, the UN has become the forum to address severe universal issues. To achieve these goals, the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development is prescribed by the UN. The agenda is an action plan that envisages strengthening universal peace by eradicating poverty in all possible forms.

The UN aims to carry out programs in partnership and collaboration with stakeholders from its member nations. And in this regard, CHRIST University has taken up the initiative to embark on completing the SDG goals. 

There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals that constitute the Universal Agenda 2030. They are built upon the basics of Millenium Development Goals and seek to achieve gender equality, human rights, peace, women empowerment, end to poverty, and sustainable development. 

The Center for Social Action (CSA), CHRIST University have partnered with the UN in terms of two initiatives: UNAI and UNDP (SDG 2030 Goals). The partnership was declared and celebrated along with the 75th anniversary of the UN on 24th October.




  • UNDP aims to contribute to sustainable human development with a major focus on reducing poverty, democratisation, crisis prevention and environment and energy.
  • UNDP has enlisted 17 SDGs that are integrated globally to drive social, economic and environmental development.
  • UNDP- 170+ Countries and territories 


  • UNAI aims to unite higher educational institutions, binding them with a common goal of achieving UN SDGs through scientific inquiry and academic research.
  • UNAI is driven by commitment to supporting and advancing ten basic principles of sustainability, inter-cultural dialogue,  peace and others through education.
  • UNAI - 1400+ Member institutions across 145 countries 




The Center for Social Action (CSA), CHRIST University in alignment with its initiatives to achieve Agenda 2030 SDGs has partnered with the UN. Under this collaboration, CSA aims to lead the institution of CHRIST and its different departments to contribute to sustainable development. The two programs that are the results of this collaboration are the UN Academic Impact program and the initiatives undertaken through the UN Development Programme. CSA aims to ensure that the institution of CHRIST undertakes UN initiatives in order to make this partnership fruitful. 




The SDG Conference 2020 was held on 12th and 13th November 2020 to memorialize the unity of CSA and UNDP to tackle the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

The theme was ‘Education as a propelling force towards SDG Goals -5,6,7,17’ and the event consisted of paper presentations across both days and a panel discussion on the second day.


The Centre for Social Action (CSA) organized an event on the 24th of October 2020 to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the UN. The event commenced with Dr. Victor Paul’s address about the contributions made by CSA to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Along the same theme, posters created by the volunteers were unveiled by Father Dr. Jose CC. This was followed by a keynote address by Dr. John Samuel, Chair of Asia Democracy Network, Seoul, on Envisioning Sustainable Development Goals. The keynote address constituted a critical overview of the UN along with challenges to be tackled by the organization. 

In a subsequent session, the student leader body of CSA from Bangalore Central, Bannerghatta, and Kengeri Campus presented their ideas of 10 SDGs. This was done with the aim of sensitizing themselves along with the volunteer body about CSA’s contribution to each SDG.




CSA and Christ (Deemed to be University) conducted the United Nations Academic Impact Programme 2021 on 8th February 2021 to highlight all activities that came under the purview of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) associated with UNAI 2021. 

Under the UNAI initiative, the UN Millennium Fellowship in Collaboration with the International Cell is a leadership program offered for the length of one semester. The program is at the brink of starting with over 30 applicants from Christ University.



UNAI Webinar on Sustainable Development Goals in Higher Education Institutions on 23rd February 2021 marked the first step into the dedicated collaboration between the Centre for Social Action - CHRIST  (Deemed to be University) and the United Nations Academic Impact program. The program aimed at explaining the objectives of UNAI (United Nations Academic Impact) and the importance of various SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).



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Yashaswini R

I’m Yashaswini R, a sponsored child of CSA, who is a 10th grader in Bethany English Primary & High School. Through the program, I learnt to give respect to others and to communicate well as I improve proficiency in speaking, listening and reading. The support given by the facilitators and volunteers helped me to improve my skills

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