Psychometric assesment wing



The Psychometric Assessment Wing brings you one step closer to yourself
by conducting scientifically proven assessments. These assessments are a
result of intensive research on different areas of relevant and suitable

Confidentiality is promised to anyone who avails the services of
our wing and we follow-up through interactive and customized training
sessions if necessary or requested. A lot of uncertainties exist in the world
today and PAW gives you the answers you need the most; regarding your
career choices, interests, aptitude, learning style and so on.
We can help you understand your own strengths and weaknesses, and
how they can be used to benefit you in your academic and professional
endeavors. We also aim to destigmatize learning disorders and promote
a healthy academic culture.




I'm Yatheesh, a researcher at the Department of Life Sciences. I came from Tumkur University to pursue a Ph.D. at Christ University. I used to have a lot of trouble because I didn't have good English communication abilities. As a result, I joined CAPS in order to strengthen my English skills. CAPS has been very useful in helping me

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Being part of CAPS was an enriching experience professionally as well personally. Every passing day we learned something new from our mentors and friends that made us professionally equipped for future roles and responsibilities.

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My experience and time at Christ Online Writing Lab proved to be pivotal in shaping my writing abilities and inter personal skills i.e, soft skills. My year long volunteership at COWL gave me a new and refreshed confidence at writing. Took multiple roles as a content writer thenceforth. The mother organization, CAPS, was beneficial for the overall development

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Working at COWL and heading the team for two years gave me a different perspective on Leadership altogether. I got a few insights on Professionalism along with the touch of academics.aTo the person I have become professionally, I would like to thank CAPS for it and for pushing me out of my comfort zone to be a better person

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