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Sl.No. Name Title of the Paper Name of Journal / Vol. No / Issue No / Page Nos ISSN URL Academic Year
1 Albert Joseph Hefferan Exploring accessibility issues of a public building for the mobility impaired. Case study: interstate bus terminal (ISBT), Vijayawada, India TAYLOR & FRANCIS INC / 13 / 3 / 271 - 279 1748-3107, 1748-3115

2 Vriddhi Riverfront Developments in Indian Cities ? The missing links GSTF Journal of Engineering Technology / 4 / 2 / 74 - 79 2251-371X

3 Uma Kundalikrao Jadhav Making Architectural Practices Sustainable Architectural Practices Journal of Indian Institute of Architects / 80 / 10 / 36 - 39 0019-4913

4 Vriddhi Investigating the Contemporary Architecture Education challenges in India WASET International Journal of Educational and Pedagogical Sciences / 10 / 3 / 1055 - 1058 1307-6892

5 Vriddhi New Patna World City - A Critical Appraisal of Utopia International Journal of Research / 1 / 5 / 568 - 576 2348-6848

6 Vriddhi Perspectives of an Accessible city ? A Case study of Chandigarh Design for All Institute of India - Newletter / 8 / 2 / 54 - 64 2582-8304



Sl.No. Author/Co-Author Type of Work Title of the Paper Title of Book/Chapter/Article/Case Study ISSN Academic Year
1 SHYNU R V Conference Proceedings Technical Volume of 35th Indian Engineering Congress Fractal Geometry as an Adaptive Technique for Human Capital Development: A Review based on Indian Temple Architecture 978-81-950662-0-9 2020
2 ALBERT JOSEPH HEFFERAN,ALBERT JOSEPH HEFFERAN,EKTA,SHAILENDRA GEHLOT,HITESH GOYAL Conference Proceedings COVID19 Impact on Human Life: Indian and Global Scenario . COVID - 19 - Challenges and Opportunities in cities through the lens of Urban Planning. 978-1649515841 2020
3 ANITHA SUSEELAN,ANITHA SUSEELAN,PVK RAMESHWAR,PIETER VAN DEN BROECK, ASIYA SADIQ, IDE HIERGENS Text book Communities, Land and Social Innovation Vulnerability of Urban Ecology of Bangalore: An Examination of its Contention with the Politics of Land Administration 13 : 978-1788973762, 10 : 1788973763 2020
4 ANITHA SUSEELAN,KIRTI PATNAIK Conference Proceedings Architecture Pedagogy Concepts Theories and Paradigms CHRIST Rural Studio 2018:The Social Outreach Project:as an Application Oriented Design Learning Employing Bamboo Construction Technique 2019
5 NITIKA TORVI,NITIKA TORVI,KRISHNA REVANTH,S M AKHTAR Conference Proceedings Architecture Pedagogy Concepts Theories and Paradigms Exploring Outcome-Based Teaching as a method in Architectural Education 978-8193774939 2019
6 UMA KUNDALIKRAO JADHAV,UMA KUNDALIKRAO JADHAV,AKIF PATHAN,SHWETA BHANDARI,NCBWT Conference Proceedings National Conference on Building With Time (NCBWT) Warli House: Tradiitonal Vs. Contemporary 2018
7 ANITHA SUSEELAN,ANITHA SUSEELAN,SUHAASINI HANGAL,DR. HEBA ELSHARKAWY DR. SAHAR ZAHIRI ET.AL Conference Proceedings Sustainable Design of the Built Environment SDBE 2017 Integrated Built Typologies: An Ecological Design Approach to Regenerate Suburban Quarries, Bangalore, India 978-1-9997971-0-2 2017
8 UMA KUNDALIKRAO JADHAV,UMA KUNDALIKRAO JADHAV,M V TELANG,AKHTAR CHAUHAN Conference Proceedings ICHH 2015 Sustainable Architecture and Rural Housing. 2015
9 UMA KUNDALIKRAO JADHAV,UMA KUNDALIKRAO JADHAV,M V TELANG,AKHTAR CHAUHAN Conference Proceedings ICHH 2014 Effects of participation on a humane habitat and sustainability: A case study of Ralegan Siddhi 2014
10 ANITHA SUSEELAN,ANITHA SUSEELAN,RAJEEV KATHPALIA,RAQS MEDIA COLLECTIVE AND SHVETA SARDA Reference book SARAI READER 09 - Projections Representations of Sovereignty at the Boundaries An ode to Elinor Ostrom 978-93-82388-03-6 2013
11 ANITHA SUSEELAN,ANITHA SUSEELAN,ELZA D'CRUZ,PROF PVK RAMESHWAR Conference Proceedings Proceedings: 2nd IUDI National Design Thesis Seminar Understanding place Experience-A Sensory Urban Design Exploration in Mattancherry 978-81-920187-1-3 2012
12 ANITHA SUSEELAN,ANITHA SUSEELAN,FATHIMA SAMANA SAIDODDIN,ANANTHA KRISHNA,C.A. BREBBIA, WESSEX INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, UK, Reference book Management of Natural Resources, Sustainable Development and Ecological Hazards II Evolution Of Bangalore City?s Water Tank System 978-1-84564-204-4 2011
13 UMA KUNDALIKRAO JADHAV,UMA KUNDALIKRAO JADHAV,M V TELANG,NOT KNOWN (PROCEEDING IS NOT WITH ME TO CHECK) Conference Proceedings Healthy Cities, An Asian Concerns Healthy cities; Achieving Sustainable Rural development through decentralized planning 2011
14 ANITHA SUSEELAN Conference Proceedings An Anthology: IUDI National Urban Design Thesis Seminar 2009 Proceedings An Anthology: IUDI National Urban Design Thesis Seminar 2009 Proceedings 2010
15 ANITHA SUSEELAN Conference Proceedings 8th Silpakorn Architectural Discourse 2009 Symposium - Old-New: Rethinking Architecture in Asia Water and Urbanity: An indigenous regenerative strategy of Urban Development with the water structure 9789746413114 2009
16 ANITHA SUSEELAN Conference Proceedings Water and Urban Development Paradigms: Towards an Integration of Engineering, Design and Management Approaches Surangas ? the horizontal water harvesting structure An investigation into the relationship of a sustainable vernacular technique to the settlement ISBN 9780415483346 2008


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