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1 effectiveness of blended classroom among varied streams of undergraduate language learners - an experimental study INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RECENT TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING 15-May-2019 8 / 1-C2 / 1166-1169

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Title of Article effectiveness of blended classroom among varied streams of undergraduate language learners - an experimental study
Volume No 8
Issue No 1-C2
Page No 1166-1169
URL https://www.ijrte.org/download/volume-8-issue-1c2/
Indexing Agency Scopus
Date of Publication 15-May-2019
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1 Conference Presenter international conference on artificial intelligence, Communication IoT An Intelligent Approach to Analyse the Impact of Speaking Skills through an Intervention on Existential Intelligence in an ESP classroom 23/11/2023 Christ University International
2 Conference Panelist two day national conference on INDIAN CULTURE AND TRADITION - RESTORE, REPLENISH AND ACCOMPLISH TO ACHIEVE- ICSSR sponsored 28/10/2022 Nirmala College for Women National
3 Seminar Panelist National Seminar on Contemporary Trends in Dramaturgy : A Literary Exploration Teaching Language Skills through theatre - An Interactive Approach 11/03/2022 Nirmala College for Women National
4 Seminar Presenter international webinar - an international forum for sharing english language learning skills and better learning practises what online classes taught us? 27/08/2021 world english language learners, teachers and trainers association International
5 Symposium Presenter International Conference on English Language Teaching During Pandemic Times Chronicling the Strategies and Challenges of Online Teaching in a Language Class 25/06/2021 RIESI REGIONAL institute of English, South India International
6 Seminar Participant Boosting Learners' Reading Skills: Practical Ideas for Busy Teachers 08/06/2021 Cambridge Assessment English International
7 Seminar Participant How To Use Digital Assessment To Direct And Refine The Teaching Of Young Learners 04/08/2020 Pearson English International
8 Seminar Participant Distance Learning and Teaching 29/07/2020 oxford professional development webinar International
9 Seminar Participant oxford professional development webinar 29/07/2020 oxford university press International
10 Seminar Participant international webinar on versant english placement test + remote monitoring 14/07/2020 Pearson English International
11 Conference Keynote Speaker virtual international conference in innovation in interdisciplinary research enhancing employment preparedness through classroom engagement 23/06/2020 Kalasalingam academy of research and education deemed to be university International
12 Conference Moderator/Chair virtual international conference on innovation in interdisciplinary research 23/06/2020 kalasalingam academy of research and education deemed to be university International
13 Conference Participant Assessing Writing online 08/06/2020 Cambridge Assessment English International
14 Conference Participant Assessing Speaking online 01/06/2020 Cambridge Assessment English International
15 Seminar Participant Assessment for online learning 22/05/2020 Christ University International
16 Symposium Organizer National Symposium on Dissent An Exercise of Heterogeneity, difference and Existence 04/01/2020 Christ University National
17 Seminar Presenter Innovation in Language Culture and communication Learning through Dogma in a Language Classroom 06/12/2019 VIT National
18 Conference Presenter International Conference on Emerging Trends in the English and Foreign Language Teaching Effectiveness of Blended Classroom among Varied Streams of U.G Language Learners - An Experiential study 05/01/2019 VIT International
19 Seminar Presenter Quality and Excellence in Teacher Education: Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies An Empirical Study on implementation of Flipped Classroom among Arts and Science Undergraduate Learners 25/10/2018 Periyar University National
20 Conference Presenter Culture and Literature : Convergence and Divergence A Study on the Influence of Technology as a Culture Among Young Learners of Language 26/09/2018 Thiruvalluvar university International
21 Seminar Organizer Macaulay to Globalisation: Shifting Perspectives of English Classrooms in Indian Higher Education of the 12st Century 10/12/2017 Christ University National
22 Presenter international conference on culture through language and literature the significance of business english in corporate culture and the chasm betweenn academics and work environment 06/02/2015 bharathiar university International
23 Presenter english language: developing employability skills of college graduates an overview of business english communication proficiency among MBA students and the need for elective learning strategies 30/01/2015 VIT university International
24 Presenter lexicogrammar and the new millennium learners sociolinguistic elements influencing English language in India 03/01/2013 VIT university International
25 Presenter focus group discussion on business communication business communication : corporate demands 12/10/2012 bharatiar university Institutional
26 Presenter oral traditions in world literature dynamics of speaking skill 21/09/2012 providence college for women National
27 Presenter second language, literature and culture: classroom perspectives linguistic features in intercultural communication 01/06/2012 english language teachers' interaction forum and v National
28 Presenter evolution in the field of fiction in indian writing in english evolution of indian writers withh reference to chetan bhagat's 2 states 28/03/2012 emerald heights college for women National
29 Presenter best practices in enhancing the quality of higher education enhancement of speaking skill through collaborative learning 16/03/2012 N.G.P. college of education National
30 Participant national workshop on science fiction short story writing 23/02/2012 bharathiar university National
31 Presenter international conference on professionalenglish from classroom teaching to worldwide learning 15/02/2012 vel tech technical university International
32 Participant special lecture on "life in the islands of vanuatu" 07/02/2012 bharathiar university Institutional
33 Participant international conference on science fiction 19/01/2012 indian association of science fiction studies, vel International
34 Presenter international conference on science fiction left brained learners and language learning through "the time machine" by H.G. Wells 19/01/2012 bharathiar university and vigyan prasar, noida International
35 Presenter english language teachers' interaction forum teaching correlation between collaborative learning and corporate requirements 13/01/2012 sree narayana college of education National
36 Presenter international congress on english grammar business english and intercultural communication 28/12/2011 bannari amman institute of technology International
37 Presenter focus group discussion cultural impact on foreign language learning: a study in indian and chinese context 02/12/2011 bharathiar university Institutional
38 Presenter second language teaching methodolgy and technigues teaching learning strategies 20/10/2011 central institute of indian lang,tamil university National
39 Presenter state level seminar on "social issues in modern literature" social aspects in "lamps in the whirlpool" 09/01/2010 shri sakthikailassh women's college Institutional
40 Presenter state level seminar for students on women's empowerment a study of women characters in "lamps in the Whirlpool" 06/01/2010 nirmala college for women Regional
41 Presenter state level student seminar on nobel laureates the novel laureate 'Doris Lessing' 01/10/2009 thiagarajar college Regional
42 Presenter technology based pedagogical approach to develop basic skills in english movie subtitles as tools to acquire communication skills 22/08/2008 nehru arts and science college Regional
Sl.No. Title of the Program Name of the Program Date Name of the Institution
1 Changing Perspectives on ELT Professional Development Programme 22/01/2024 ELSTA
2 Language Proficiency and Assessment - Building Bridges Four Day National Lecture Series 20/10/2022 Bharathiar University
3 Development of Business English for Workplace Industry Integrated Programme 25/06/2022 Sree Pashmi Institute of Management
4 Approaches to Write Review Papers Guest Lecture 21/05/2022 VIT, VELLORE
5 Developing Wriing Skills for Academia ELTAI workshop 16/05/2022 St. Gregorios Convent School
6 fostering speaking skill - a task based approach two day development program on acquisition of language skills 12/08/2021 KPR institute of engineering and technology
7 Emerging Significance of ELT in Academia and Professional Spaces Guest Lecture 23/11/2020 Bharathiar University
8 teaching critical reading online lecture series on contemporary skills in learning and teaching reading 28/08/2020 Bharathiar university
9 Teaching Reading as a Skill online lecture series on contemporary skills in learning and teaching reading 24/08/2020 Bharathiar University
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Sl.No. Title Guide Name Institution Month Year
Sl.No. Title Name of Student Institution Month Year
1 Beyond Boundaries: A Study of Ableism in India's Socio-Cultural Background and its Impact on People with Physical Disabilities with Special Reference to Selected Indian English Fiction MARY JOB T Christ University July 2022
3 An Experimental Study Implementing Experiential Learning Theory on Undergraduate Learners to Improve Writing Skills SARITA JHANWER Christ University March 2023
4 Poetry Writing in Challenging Dysfunctional Attitude Adolescents through the ABC Model on the Rational Emotive Behaviour Theory JINY KURIAKOSE Christ University July 2021
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2 International faculty development programme - intelligence in higher education Jain deemed to be University International Participant 17/12/2023
3 FDP on Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education: Teaching and Learning Languages Jain deemed to be university International Participant 16/11/2023
4 International faculty development programme SRM INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY International Presenter 20/03/2023
5 National Level Faculty Development Programme on English Language Teaching: Theory, Research and Pedagogy Christ deemed to be University National Participant 02/05/2022
6 Two-Week Online Faculty Development Programme on Continuing Professional Development: Practising, Researching and Publishing NIT International Participant 12/07/2021
7 Two-Day National Online Workshop on Writing Interpretations for Statistical Tools in Research Kongu Engineering College, Tamil Nadu National Participant 12/07/2021
8 Faculty Development Programme on ?Emerging New Realities: Exploring Modern Technologies for Teaching, Learning and Research? Kasthuri Ram College of Higher Education National Participant 05/07/2021
9 emerging trends in english language and teaching Christ deemed to be University Presenter 28/06/2021
10 Faculty Development Program 1 - 2021 Christ deemed to be University Institutional Participant 16/06/2021
11 FDP on literature and humanity iSPELL (Indian Society for the Promotion of English Language and Literature) International Participant 24/05/2021
12 FDP on English Language Teaching and Research Department of Languages and Communication International Participant 17/05/2021
13 QIP on Hybrid Teaching Christ deemed to be University Participant 02/03/2021
14 Business English: Management and Leadership arizona state university International Participant 29/05/2020
15 Professional Communication through Task Based Learning Department of English Workshop Series Institutional Invited Resource Person/Trainer 03/02/2020
16 Establishing Research as Culture and Capacity Building for consultancy Christ deemed to be University Participant 20/05/2019
17 Establishing Research as Culture and Capacity Building for consultancy Christ deemed to be University Participant 20/05/2019
18 Theatre Skills to empower Teaching/Learning Experience Department of English Institutional Participant 23/02/2019
19 Thinking through Interdisciplinarity Department of English Participant 17/05/2018
20 Speaking Skills Workshop Department of English Institutional Organiser & Presenter 14/12/2017
21 National Workshop of Science Fiction Story writing Department of English National Participant 23/02/2012
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