Centre for Advanced Research and Training [CART]


Vision: To motivate and promote the entire population of CHRIST (Deemed to be University) to be researchers with a view to furthering academic development through knowledge creation, meeting industry requirements by offering consultancy services and promoting societal development through knowledge dissemination.

Mission: To make CHRIST (Deemed to be University) a base for research studies, cutting all the hardships of analysis by conducting training programs to scholars at various levels which will enhance the potential researchers to grow and contribute towards the growth of the society.

In 2013, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) (CU) set the Centre for Advanced Research & Training (CART), which was entrusted to increase the Quality and range of research methodology and approaches used by the University stakeholders through a plethora of training and capacity building courses, and to drive forward methodological development and innovation through indigenous training programmes.The Centre is conceived to be an active network of experts cutting across different faculties engaging in pure and applied research who come together to offer effective mentoring to researchers, help them evolve continuously by an swearing substantiative questions and acquiring cutting edge research methods with a view to furthering academic developments through knowledge creation, meeting industry requirements by offering consultancy services and promoting societal development through knowledge dissemination.


Objective for Centre :


Emerge as an Advanced research and training hub in which research capacity building is through training and research advancement by carrying out cutting edge research studies.

In order to develop and sustain research culture at any University there is a need for research enabling environment (Robin, 2002) at individual level through University investment. CART is here to establish and sustain the research enabling environment.


Functional Objective :


  • Emerge as an Advanced Research hub
  • Research Capacity building among faculty members
  • To initiate and create research interest and research culture
  • Train faculty members of the University in data analysis software
  • To create public open access self learning material on various research data analysis software
  • Training the faculty members in Publishing in high-end Journals
  • Training the faculty members in new and newer versions of data analysis software
  • To be a data analysis clinic to support the researchers at various level i.e PG dissertations, MPhil thesis, PhD thesis, MRP, Post-doctoral thesis...
  • Research Consultancy wing  to support research scholars from other Universities/Institutes


CART Wings :


  • CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Central Campus, Innovation Centre, First floor, Block IV.

          Contact Details: Dr Prakasha G S, Ph: 9845151741


  • CHRIST (Deemed to be University) BGR Campus

          Contact Details: Dr Vijayalaya S, Ph: 9940497766


  • CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Kengeri Campus

          Contact Details: Dr Vinay, Ph: 9964716319


Programmes Offered :


Facilitator Courses Offered for Faculty :


All the following courses will be offered in both odd and even semesters at three levels -- Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.


Open Elective Courses for Student :


2 Credits, 45 hours, Open for both UG/PG students, Registration through exam office of CU

  1. Data Analysis using SPSS
  2. Data Analysis using R
  3. Data Analysis using MATLAB
  4. Data Analysis using EVIEWS
  5. Data Analysis using ORIGIN
  6. Data Analysis using EXCEL
  7. Data Analysis using AMOS
  8. Data Analysis using NVIVO
  9. Data Analysis using PYTHON
  10. Course on Information Literacy


CART Workshops :


Summer Workshop during the month of April

Winter Workshop during the month of October


Target Audience for Winter/Summer Workshop :


  • Research scholars pursuing MPhil/PhD/Post Doc/MRP/Monographs/Working Papers etc
  • UG/PG students pursuing Projects/Dissertations
  • Scholars for Continuing Professional growth
  • Research Assistants & Associate working on Projects
  • Data Scientist Aspirants


CART Research Consultancy :


Research Consultancy Wing is established to support the research outreach activities at other Universities/Organisation.

  • Guest Lectures
  • Workshops (Crash/Extended)
  • Research Data analysis using various software
  • Customised FDP/QIP on Research Data analysis


Research Clinic :


Clinic is open at CART office on the all the working days from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM. Clinic facility is made available only on prior appointment from CART office.
Contact: cart@christuniversity.in, Ph: 9845151741, 080-40129736.
This is to support student and Faculty members in the various stages of research such as
Title of the study, Drafting the Research proposal, Hypothesis, Study design, Tool construction, Statistical analysis..


Course on Information Literacy :


This Course is provided in both Central Campus and BGR Campuses of CHRIST (Deemed to be University).

This course will enable the participant to have hands on experiences on how to access any information offline and online sources/databases. It provides experiences in writing original and knowing plagiarism. It introduces various referencing styles (APA, MLA, IEEE, Blue Book...) and publication guidelines. It provides experiences on using mendeley, World cat, turnitin etc. Eventually it takes you through the process of Critical reflection.


Open Access Course Material :


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