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The ‘Kannada Sangha’ of Christ College was established in December 1972. The vision of this Sangha is “to encourage young writers to involve in creative writings like poetry, essays, short story, novel and drama.”

Since 1982, Kannada Sangha has been conducting national level poetry writing competition in memory of the renowned Kannada poet and Jnanapeeta awardee, Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre. The Sangha has also been conducting essay writing competitions for 35 years in memory of  noted Kannada novelist Dr A. N. Krishna Rao. In 2009, the Sangha started to conduct short story writing competitions instead of essay competition. A good number of students have been participating in both competitions.

Many of today’s renowned writers first came into prominence through  the Kannada Sangha.

‘Christ College Kannada Sangha’ was renamed “CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Kannada Sangha” in 2008. The Sangha has published over 246 books including those written by students. The books published by the Sangha have bagged several awards including Central Sahitya Academy award, Karnataka State Sahitya Academy award and several awards endowed by private Institutions.

Several books published by the Sangha have been included in the syllabus for undergraduate students in Bangalore University. A novel “Kotra High Schoolge Seriddu” published by the Sangha was made into a Kannada art film.



Books for Sale

                                                              Author : Lingadevaru HalemaneTitle : Niluvu (Criticism)YoP: 2003Price: 110.00                                                           Author : Krishnamurthy BiligereTitle : Bislu Balehannu Mattu Itara Prabandhagalu (Essays)YoP : 2007Price : 110.00
Author: K P BhatTitle: Artharekhe (Language& Literature)YoP: 2007Price: 140               Author: K SatyanarayanaTitle : Kushalopari (Essays)YoP: 2008Price: 90.00
Author: C P KTitle: Navodaya Patheya (Criticism)YoP: 2008Price: 75.00               Author: Purushottama BilimaleTitle:Janasamskruti (Criticism)YoP: 2009Price: 100.00
Author : G B HairshTitle : Ennantarangada AtumaYoP: 2009Price: 80.00               Author : M.T.Rathi (Edr)Title : Tampu (Literary Essays)YoP : 2009Price : 110.00
Author : Kumara ChalyaTitle : Abhignana (Criticism)YoP: 2009Price: 90.00               Author: VariramuthuTitle: Vairamuthuravara 33 Kavithegalu Translated from Tamil to Kannada by Malarvili. KYoP: 2009Price: 110.00
Author : Chandrasekhar NangaliTitle : Eegale Saadhya (Criticism)YoP: 2010Price: 120.00               Author : Devu PattaraTitle : Eega Heegiruva Lookadalli (Essays)YoP: 2010Price: 75.00
Author: Rukhiya Shekhawat HussainTitle: Padmaraaga (Translated from Bengali to Kannada Vaishali K.SYoP: 2010.Price: 130.00              Author: Kavitha Rai Ananda Kodimba (Edrs)&Title: Kodagina Shatamaanada Kaavya (Poetry)YoP: 2011Price: 250.00
Author: VaidehiTitle: Hoova Kattuva Kayaka (Poetry)YoP: 2011Price: 120.00               Author: Sridhar BalagaraTitle: Amrutapadi (Selected Short Stories)YoP: 2011Price: 160.00
Author:Title: Gowri (Selected Malayalam Short Stories) Translated from Malayalam to Kannada by K.K.GangadharanYoP: 2011Price: 120.00               Author: S.R.VijayashankaraNijaguna (Criticism)YoP: 2012Price: 180.00
Author: M.Veerappa MoilySuligaali (Novel)YoP: 2012Price: 110.00               Author : M.Veerappa MoilySagaradeepa (Novel)YoP: 2012Price: 100.00
Author : M.Veerappa MoilyTembare (Novel)YoP: 2013Price: 120.00               Author:Title: Nalinakanthi (Malayalam Short Stories) Translated from Malayalam to Kannada by K.K.Nair and Ashok KumarYoP: 2013Price: 100.00
Author: Monica GajendragadkarTitle: Aartha (Collection of Short Stories) Translated from Marati to Kannada by Chandrakanta PokaleYoP: 2013Price: 150.00ISBN: 978-93-82305-15-6No of pages: 208               Author:H S Raghavendra RaoTitle: Hattu Dikkina Belaku (translated writings)YoP: 2014Price: 200.00
 Author : M.Veerappa Moily & Malathi V. MoilyHaalu Jeenu (Poetry)YoP: 2014Price: 180.00No of Pages: 196                Author: B B RajapurohitaTitle: Varakavi Da. Raa. Bendre Kavyartha Darshini (Poetics)YoP: 2014Price: 120.00No of Pages: 160
Author : M.Veerappa MoilyKotta (Novel)YoP: 2014, Third EditionPrice: 280.00No of Pages: 334                Author: Vikrama VisajiTitle:Matte Bantu Shravana ( Collection of Poems)YoP: 2014Price: 200.00

Author : Shashikala
Title  : Arthadacheya Bedagu(Critical Essays) 2017
Price  : 250


Author : Ananda Junjaravada

(Translation of Marathi articles about Bendre) yop:2016

Price : 200

Author : B.B. Rajapurohita
Title     : Kaavyartha Darshini(politics of Bendre poetry) 2014
Price   :120



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