Living in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world demands one to be instinctively data driven and consistently updated on emerging social and policy issues. Nevertheless, in the modern welfare states, we are increasingly dependent on the State and its administrative machineries for finding solutions to our collective problems. Emerging new global order and macro changes in the socio-structural, cultural and ideological organization of societies across the world, shifted the locus of solving social problems from the purview of micro-organizations/collectives to macro policy implementations. Harold Laswell, considered the founder of policy sciences, in 1950s conceived the main goal of social sciences as problem-solving. He proposed social sciences to emphasize its policy orientation and be called policy sciences. Later, social policy studies emerged during 1980s and 1990s expanded the scope of social sciences to solving social problems through policy interventions.

During the present rapid social transformations, it is important to make policy- development a people centred process by mainstreaming peoples’ needs and voices. In an extremely diverse country like ours, inclusivity is instrumental in securing and promoting the welfare of all sections of society. But, today more than any time before, we feel the need for critical policy inquiry to bridge the gap between policy discourse and public discourse in which often priorities diverge from each other. Representing the voices and aspirations of people from the margins and acknowledging their diversity are pivotal in the policy making process. In this regard, Centre for Social and Policy Research (CSPR) focuses on social issues and policies related to the broader areas of Marginalization, Social Inclusion, Education, Economy, Law, Administration, Health and Labour Welfare.



1. Indian Oil Corporation
2. Women and Child Development, Govt. of Karnataka                                                                                                                                                                                      


Research Projects

1. Major Research Project on Development Induced Displacement
2. Major Research Project on “Mapping Social Work Perspective on Corporate Social Responsibility”
3. “A Study on effectiveness of the "Ujjawala Scheme" for the Prevention of Trafficking, Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-integration of Victims of Trafficking in Karnataka State”.



1. 2013 Second Annual Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Social Responsibility - Evidences of Best Practices.




  1. Coordinating with likeminded institutions/centres/research organizations.
  2. Liaising with policy making bodies and providing them with research inputs.
  3. Organising and promoting healthy discussions/debates on social and policy issues.
  4. Providing research and internship opportunities to students interested to pursue social and policy related research/studies.
  5. Encouraging and helping faculty members to research and publish in the area of policy studies.
  6. Generate funding and undertake research aimed at promoting social equity through policy interventions.
  7. Developing and organizing a data bank accessible to those interested to pursue research in social and policy issues. 


We believe in the ability of collective human efforts to create a better and equitable society through advanced research and advocacy. We strive to build a knowledge society, which is founded on scientific data and methods, to promote equality and inclusivity of policies.


We strive to achieve social equity and promote inclusivity by providing people centered research inputs to policy making. Towards this goal, we critically analyze policies and institutionalized practices across different layers of social and administrative systems to advocate the best for the benefit of our country and its people.


  • To facilitate interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research in social and policy issues.
  • To conduct advanced research and data mining to constantly update the stakeholders of policy making on new policies and emerging challenges.
  • To organize seminars, conferences, workshops and training programmes for the students, faculty members, NGO representatives on social and policy issues.
  • To seek funding from external sources for research/advocacy projects on various social and policy issues.
  • To build data bank on social and policy issues and thereby promote scientific research in the area of social policy.





L T Om Prakash, PhD

Director, Centre for Social and Policy Research





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