Latest activities and events conducted by the Student Council.

Orientation Session for Deanery Student Council Members

School of Law

  July 26, 2019

The Orientation Program of the Deanery Student Council Members of School of Law CHRIST was conducted on 26th July 2019, at the Kengeri Campus of CHRIST (Deemed To be University). The day started with a short prayer, following which a few ice breaking activities were conducted to facilitate interaction amongst the Deanery Student Council Members. The main purpose of theafore mentioned activities was to provide a congenial and informal environment for the students to get to know each other better. The program also featured many thought provoking discussions during which students raised concerns and made suggestions on various issues. The issues discussed ranged from the need to improve general security measures on campus, to the need for internship programs and summer school collaborations with Foreign Universities. After detailed deliberation the students were shown a Ted talk on the concept of ‘ideal leadership’, which gave them insight in to the role of a leader. The students discussed how a leader is not merely meant to be an autocratic figure, but should strive towards building a fiduciary relationship with his team. While discussing these ideas on the role of a ‘leader’, the students initiated a discussion on the role of the Student Council in Law School and discussed measures to improve the relationship between the Student Body and the Council. The members were then asked to present on certain topics which had been assigned to them before hand. Included among the topics were: Daksh, Teachers Day, Gratitude Week, mechanisms to include student perspectives on various aspects of campus life etc. The students were also given specific sub-committees to work under, in order to ensure the smooth functioning of all the council activities planned for the year. In conclusion, the Orientation Program was a fitting way for the Law School Deanery Council to start the Academic Year.

Orientation Session for Deanery Student Council Members

School of Business Sciences and Social Sciences

  July 17, 2019

The informal orientation session for Deanery Student Council members conducted on 17th July, 2019 in Bannerghatta Road Campus of Christ (deemed to be university) presented a great opportunity to the newly selected council members to get to know each other as well as to bond with the continuing members. Conducted by Mr. Jibrael Jos, an Associate Professor from the Hosur Road Campus, this interactive and fun session was the perfect catalyst to bring the council members together. The event started at 11.30 am (after an introductory address by University Student Council member Alan Joseph John) in the morning and went on till 1.20 pm in the afternoon. The venue of the event was the spacious seminar hall in the first floor. The activities involved ‘rapid fire questions’, group discussions, singing, dancing and team-building exercises. A big empty space was created in the middle of the hall for the activities to take place. The activities were not only aimed at strengthening the bond between the students and promoting teamwork but also at creating awareness about the cultural diversity in the campus. Jibrael sir called them sociometric experiments that encourage the students to go beyond regional boundaries, religion, caste and class. The event was concluded with delectable vegetarian lunch for all the student council members. Some memorable moments from the session as captured by USC member Abhishek is shared below:

Orientation Session for Deanery Student Council Members

Deanery of Science

  July 15, 2019

The program began at sharp 4:30 pm on 15th July at the PU block quadrangle. Firstly the deanery level student council members, representing the Deanery of Sciences, were welcomed with a briefing about the agenda of the first meet. It was followed by the introduction of the student council coordinator for Deanery of Sciences, Prof. Benny Sebastian and all the University Student Council Members representing the Deanery of Sciences to all the DSC members. Then the selected DSC members were inducted primarily by receiving the badges followed by a talk on the importance of the Student Council both in the student body and the University, its working, its agendas by Benny Sir. Brief talk was also given by the University Council members regarding what is Student Council. Then the newly selected members were made to involve themselves in 2 of the group activities in order to understand the functioning of the council and to improve their mutual coordination, understanding with their co-members and also with the university level members. At last the meeting was concluded with a talk on the newly drafted role clarity proposal, initiatives and the action plan of the council for this year, the major events held by the council and the involvement required by the members extensively in every bit of any program organised by the council. Hence, the meeting ended on a cheerful note with immense hope of a wonderful team work ahead.

Orientation Session for Deanery Student Council Members

Deanery of Humanities and Social Sciences

  July 13, 2019

The University Student Council members of the Deanery of Humanities and social sciences organised an orientation for the newly elected Deanery level student council members. The orientation started with an introduction by Prof. Padmakumar to the student council by referring it to a salad bowl rather than a melting pot and differentiating it from the Student Welfare Office. The dias was next taken over by Prof. Samuel S. George- Praveen Kenneth Leadership Chair who mentored the students on the importance of leadership and teamwork to achieve the desired goals. According to him, “Leadership is different. The traditional understanding of leadership is authority but it really is based on the power of influence. It is presenting one’s views and having the will and ability to support and negotiate for the welfare of people and the apex body.” The next round was important as the students were elaborated on their roles and responsibilities as a Deanery level member. This was followed by a Q/A session and three different team-building activities that helped the members bond with each other. The evening ended with a photo session and a snack time with the group. Highlight of the event: The University student council members of the Humanities and the social sciences department along with the guidance of Prof. Padmakumar came up with the idea to not use paper cups while serving juice to the students at snack time. This proved to be successful as the members came with their own water bottles and we were successful in saving a lot of unnecessary waste generation.

Orientation Session for Deanery Student Council Members

Department of Professional Studies

  July 12, 2019

Deanery Student Council Induction : All the 66 Deanery Student Council members were inducted by Dr. Jain Mathew, Dean of Commerce and Management and Prof. Biju Toms, Head of Department of Professional Studies (DPS) on 6 of July, 2019 at main auditorium along with Insight Event. Deanery Student Council Orientation The Deanery Student Council members had an orientation by University Council members on 12 July, 2019. They were oriented about the Student Council Body and their roles and responsibilities as a Deanery Student Council member. Roles and Responsibilities of a Deanery Student Council Member 1) Hold compulsory meetings with the class once a month 2) DSC members must document these meetings and the reports for the same must be submitted by the end of the week. 3) Agenda for the meetings should be as follows, a. Discuss the proposals and upcoming department events and initiatives with the students. b. Conduct a survey or polling on student’s opinions or feedback on department initiatives. This should be part of the report. c. All queries and grievances are to be addressed at the end of the meeting. d. A monthly report of the meetings should be submitted to the university council members at the end of every month. 4) Take initiatives on two levels a. Compulsory project at the class level b. Compulsory project at the university 5) Report for the projects must be submitted at the end of the academic year An activity was conducted: We had the students take the behavioral style assessment tool test where they understood what type of team player and leadership quality they possessed. We asked them to substantiate the strengths, challenges and work ethics of their specific styles and we further elaborated and spoke about the importance of how each style works with each other in dynamic environments. Stressed on how the positives of one style and negatives of the other complement each other as they will all be working together in a team for their tenure as the deanery student council member. The students were later then asked to introduce themselves and state their purpose of joining the Student Council.

Orientation Session for Deanery Student Council Members


  July 10, 2019

Introduction : After being evaluated based on various parameters inclined towards representing as a Deanery Student Council member, 18 members were selected from the Main Campus, Hosur Road and 10 members were selected from the Kengeri Campus, Kengeri. The Deanery Student Council members were then taken through an induction and an orientation program in order to understand the various aspects involved in the Student Council Body. Objective : The objective of the induction and the orientation program conducted by the University Student Council members were to facilitate the understanding of the Student Council Body to the Deanery Student Council members. The objectives set for the induction and orientation program were as follows, 1. To introduce the faculty coordinator Prof. Lakshmiprasad 2. To introduce University Student Council members 3. To help the Deanery Student Council members understand their roles and responsibilities 4. To provide insights on how to be a communication facilitator for students 5. To conduct an oath taking ceremony 6. To introduce the Deanery Student Council members of both campuses to each other 7. To provide Deanery Student Council member badges to the council members Oath Taking Ceremony 05-July-2019 : The induction program was followed by the oath taking ceremony for the Deanery Level Student Council members. Interaction of Deanery Student Council Members 10-July-2019 : The Deanery Student Council members from both campuses were introduced to each other through an interaction activity. Conclusion : The members of the Deanery Level Student Council were well oriented after a through understanding of the Student Council Body was provided by the University Student Council members. The Deanery Student Council members have understood the sensitiveness of their roles and responsibilities and have already plunged into action by volunteering for various initiatives presented by the University Student Council members.

Orientation Session for Deanery Student Council Members

Department of Management Studies

  July 08, 2019

The Department of Management Studies conducted its Orientation program for the Deanery Council on the 8th of July in the Council Room, Central Block. The program began with an address by our Council Coordinator, Prof. Naveen Kumar. In his speech, Sir welcomed and congratulated the newly elected members. He briefed the students about the values and principles that the council upholds and works towards. Next in the formal session the University Council Representatives of the department briefed the new council about their roles and responsibilities. There was a short presentation about the calendar of events and the committees that will be formed for the smooth functioning of the council. Given that the Open Forum for the first important activity of the council post this orientation, the council was briefed about the purpose of the Open Forum and their role in it. To conclude the formal session, the council members were informed about the expectations that the department and its faculty has from the council and how they can work towards fulfilling them. There was also an informal session where an ice breaker game was played and some team building activities were organised to help the members familiarize themselves with each other. The aim of this informal session was to ensure that the council would eventually work not just as team formed by the department, but as a family that enjoys working together.

Orientation Session for Deanery Student Council Members

Deanery of Commerce and Management

  July 05, 2019

 Opening: The orientation started at 2:00 pm. The agenda of the meeting was to orient the newly selected Deanery Council Student Representatives about their role and responsibilities in the Deanery  The orientation began with a welcome address by Dr. Naveen Kumara , in which he congratulated all the DSC member and briefed them about their roles and responsibilities  Ansh, USC Member briefed the newly selected DSC members about the various responsibilities they have to handle in the department.  Primarily roles were allocated regarding recording the Minutes of the Meeting, Teachers Day, Daksh and Gratitude Day from each course In charges from each course were thereafter nominated and selected. The orientation ended with a small informal interactive session with the DSC members in which they got an opportunity to interact with each other. The informal event included many group building and bonding events.  The meeting was closed at 4:00 pm