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1 Reference book Service Learning as a Pedagogical Strategy: A Case Study on Disability Inclusion 979-836932257-4, 979-836932256-7 Apr 2024

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Type of Book Reference book
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Sole Authored/Co Authored Co-Authored
Title of Book Effective and Meaningful Student Engagement Through Service Learning
Title of Book/Chapter/Article/Case Study) Service Learning as a Pedagogical Strategy: A Case Study on Disability Inclusion
Month/Year Apr/2024
ISBN 979-836932257-4, 979-836932256-7
Pages 124 - 141
Publishing Company/Institution IGI Global
Indexing Agency Scopus
Level International publisher
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Sl.No. Type of Program Role Name of Program Title of Paper Date Organising Institution Level
1 Seminar Organizer Bengaluru Sociology Students' Seminar 29/01/2024 Christ University Institutional
2 Conference Presenter The 9th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Service-Learning Service-Learning as a transformative journey: A study among undergraduate students in India 19/07/2023 Christ University International
3 Conference Presenter The 9th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Service-Learning Service Learning as a transformative journey: A Study among undergraduate students in India. 19/07/2023 CHRIST & APRCSL International
4 Conference Presenter "Challenges and Benefits of Learning and Teaching in Virtual Classrooms'' Teaching Learning During Covid Times: Sociological Perspectives from India 16/06/2023 West University of Timișoara. International
5 Seminar Organizer Bengaluru Sociology Students' Seminar 2022-23 16/11/2022 Christ University Institutional
6 Presenter Anthropology in India: Contemporary Debates and Future Possibilities Subjectivity, Power and the Field: Looking through the feminist lens 25/03/2022 University of Lucknow International
7 Conference Presenter 7TH WORLD CONFERENCE ON WOMEN?S STUDIES Agency for whom : A sociological perspective on technology and women?s ?body? 25/03/2022 World Center for Women?s Studies (World-CWS) in collaboration with Holy Cross College (NAAC ?A? Grade), Agartala International
8 Conference Presenter 46th All India Sociological Conference Understanding Social Movements in the Age of Globalization and New Media 08/12/2021 University of Mumbai National
9 Seminar Participant Covid-19: Socio Cultural and Biological Issues 30/06/2020 Lucknow University National
10 Seminar Moderator/Chair South Asia in Transition 13/02/2020 Christ University International
11 Symposium Moderator/Chair Dissent: An Exercise of Heterogeneity, Differance and Existence 24/01/2020 Christ University Institutional
12 Seminar Presenter Leisure and Social Development in Post Modern Era: Contemporary issues and challenges Understanding Leisure in the Consumer World: A Theoretical Analysis 02/12/2019 International Sociological Association International
13 Conference Presenter World Congress on Women 2019 Understanding Feminism: Its Future Prospects 08/09/2019 Biogenesis Health Cluster International
14 Seminar Moderator/Chair Debating Sustainability: Discourses on Environment and Development 21/02/2019 Christ University National
15 Conference Moderator/Chair VI Annual Interdisciplinary Student Conference 2018 16/03/2018 Christ University Institutional
16 Conference Co-presenter Margins: Contesting Spaces and Reclaiming Identities 12/02/2018 Christ University National
17 Conference Participant International Conference on Contemporary Challenges to Indian State and Society 15/11/2017 Christ University International
18 Conference Presenter International Conference on Advances in English Studies, Education and Women Empowerment, 2017 Commercialization of Durga Puja in Kolkata 02/02/2017 International Multidisciplinary Research Foundation International
19 Conference Presenter 42nd All India Sociological Conference Culture and Sexuality: A Study through Films 27/12/2016 Tezpur University National
20 Seminar Presenter Ph.D Research Scholar Seminar Culture and Sexuality: With a special focus on "Chitrangada" 16/11/2015 Jawaharlal Nehru University Institutional
21 Conference Presenter International Conference on Gender, Diversity and Development Choice or Coerce: A Study of Sexuality and Democracy in India 27/03/2015 University of Dhaka International
22 Conference Presenter XXXIX All India Sociological Conference Gender Representations in Movies: A Sociological Reading of Gender and Sexuality in Reference to three selected Bengali movies 27/12/2013 Karnataka State Open University National
23 Seminar Presenter Globalization: Socio-Cultural and Economic Concerns in North West India Changing Times: Puja as Spectacle 08/02/2013 D.A.V College, Chandigarh National
24 Conference Presenter XXXVIII All Indian Sociological Conference 2012 Rethinking Sociology of Religion in the Age of Market and Commerce 27/12/2012 Mohanlal Sukhadia University National
25 Conference Presenter XXXVII All India Sociological Conference 2011 Religion in the Market Place: Commercialization of Durga Puja in Kolkata 11/12/2011 JNU and ISS National
26 Conference Participant Exploring Disability Experience in Social Science Research 25/03/2011 CSSS/Jawaharlal Nehru University National
Sl.No. Title of the Program Name of the Program Date Name of the Institution
1 Gender and Power Dynamics Guest Lecture 20/12/2023 DR N.S.A.M. First Grade College/NAAC Accredited
2 Rethinking 'Culture-Industry': A Study of Durga Puja in Kolkata CUFOHSS 22/02/2018 CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
3 Feminism in India Training Program for Students from University of Paris-Dauphine, France 10/02/2018 CHRIST
Sl.No. Title Genre Producer Copyrights
Sl.No. Title Guide Name Institution Month Year
1 Changing Character of Religious Festivals: A Sociological Enquiry with special reference to Durga Puja in Kolkata Prof. Avijit Pathak Jawaharlal Nehru University
2 Culture and Sexuality in Visual Representations: A Study of the ?Queer Trilogy? in Bengali Cinema Prof. Avijit Pathak Jawaharlal Nehru University
Sl.No. Title Name of Student Institution Month Year
1 Thumri as a Subversive Space: A Study on Tawaif Music and the Socio-Cultural Disciplining of Voice MAZHA S MUHAMMED Christ University July 2021
3 Exploring the Dynamics of Multi-Ethnic Society: Status of Tarao Community in Contemporary Manipur HAOBIJAM BRIJESH SINGH Christ University February 2023
Sl.No. Title of Invention Inventor(s) Filing Date
Sl.No. Name of the Research Project Investigator(s) Sponsors Internal/External
1 Welfare needs of the survivors of Human Trafficking: A multi stakeholder approach VICTOR PAUL, SHEEJA REMANI B KARALAM,HEMALATHA K,JOSHY K J,SUDIPTA GARAI ICSSR External
Sl.No. Name of the Conference/Seminar Name of Organiser Level Date
Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Role Date
1 Enhancing Mentoring Skills CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Institutional Participant 16/08/2023
2 Curriculum Design and Revision with specific focus on OBE CHRIST University Institutional Participant 05/12/2022
3 Inculcating Human Values in Technical Education All India Council For Technical Education National Participant 06/12/2021
4 How to Publish with Oxford Journals Oxford University Press National Participant 27/07/2020
5 How to Write and Publish Books Department of Sociology and Social Work, Christ University Institutional Participant 16/07/2020
6 "Queering Identities: LGBTQ+ Sexuality and Gender Identity University of Colorado International Participant 01/07/2020
7 Standard Precautions: Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection WHO Health Emergencies International Participant 28/06/2020
8 Standard Precautions: Waste Management WHO Health Emergencies Program International Participant 27/06/2020
9 Feminism and Social Justice University of California, Santa Cruz International Participant 16/06/2020
10 How to Write and Get Published in Peer Reviewed Journals Department of Sociology and Social Work Institutional Participant 12/06/2020
11 Transmedia Storytelling: Narrative Worlds, Emerging Technologies, and Global Audiences UNSW Sydney (The University of New South Wales) International Participant 10/06/2020
12 Learning How to Learn From Youth Arizona State University International Participant 09/06/2020
13 FDP 1 Christ University Institutional Participant 15/05/2020
14 Quality Improvement Program CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Organiser & Participant 20/05/2019
15 Orientation Program Level One Academic Staff College Participant 14/01/2019
16 HED CHRIST University Institutional Invited Resource Person/Trainer 10/11/2018
17 Sensitization on the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities - Towards an Inclusive culture and Pedagogy Department of Sociology and Social Work, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) and Centre for Research and Decision Support (CIRAD), IFCU, PARIS International Participant 01/10/2018
18 Quality Improvement Program Academic Staff College Institutional Participant 17/05/2018
19 Young Researchers Workshop Tezpur University and ISS National Participant & Presenter 26/12/2016
20 Qualitative Research Methods in Social Sciences Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata National Participant 17/11/2014
21 Visual Rhetoric and South Asian Gender Studies CWDS, New Delhi and University of Cambridge International Participant & Presenter 16/09/2014
22 Workshop on Science and Religion Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities National Participant 09/11/2013
23 Qualitative Research in Education and the Social Sciences: Going Beyond Ethnography Fulbright,USIEF and Jawaharlal Nehru University National Participant 28/10/2013
24 Debating the Ancient and Present? with Prof. Romila Thapar South Asian University Regional Participant 22/08/2013
25 ALL INDIA YOUNG SOCIAL SCIENTISTS WORKSHOP Tezpur University and ICSSR National Participant & Presenter 10/10/2011
Sl.No. Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
1 First Position First Class First in Sociology (Hons) from University of Calcutta, 2008 University of Calcutta 17 September 2008
2 NET (UGC) and JRF December,2010 UGC 13 June 2011
3 Life Member of ISS No: 3605 I am a Life Member of Indian Sociological Society Indian Sociological Society 13 September 2013
4 First in Sociology Honours 1st in Sociology Honours, 2006-07 St. Xavier's College 18 January 2008
5 First in Sociology Honours 1st in Sociology Honours, 2007-2008 St. Xavier's College, Kolkata 17 January 2009
6 Organizing Secretary & Session Chair VI Annual Interdisciplinary Student Conference on "Integrated Change: The Future We Want" Chaired the session on 'Women and Child Development' CHRIST (Deemed to be University) 16 March 2018
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