Course Code: MSW065

Course Title: Labour Legislations

Total Credit: 2                                                                                                                  Total hrs: 45

Course Type: Open Elective

Course Description: To have an effective human resource practice, the knowledge of Labour Legislation is an indispensable part. Especially in the Indian scenario, the Labour welfare and security is paramount in industrial relations solutions. Thus to enable the students to have a good base in Labour Law, this paper focuses on various Labour legislations, dispute solving machineries and Judicial setup. There are modules with conceptual, descriptive, analytical, practical and legal aspects.


Course Objectives

  • To know the development and the judicial setup of Labour Laws.
  • To learn the salient features of welfare and wage Legislations.
  • To learn the laws relating to Industrial Relations, Social Security and Working conditions.
  • To understand the laws related to working conditions in different settings.

Course Learning Outcome: Students will know the development and the judicial setup of Labour Laws. They will learn the salient features of welfare and wage Legislations also to integrate the knowledge of Labour Law in General HRD Practice. Students will learn the laws relating to Industrial Relations, Social Security and Working conditions and also learn the enquiry procedural and industrial discipline.





Unit 1

Introduction to Labour Legislations and Regulatory Laws: Meaning and classification of Labour legislations in India. History & Development of Labour Legislations in India. Laws relating to working conditions – Factories Act, Shops & Establishment Act, Contract Labor    (Abolition & Regulation) Act, The Plantations Act, The Indian Mines Act, Motor Transport Act, The Special Economic Zones Act, 2005. Construction workers.


Unit 2

Legislations related to Wages &Social Security:  Laws relating to Wages-The Minimum Wages Act- The Payment of Wages Act-Equal Remuneration Act-Payment of Bonus Act. Laws relating to Social Security- Employees Provident Fund Act- Employees State Insurance Act-Workmen’s Compensation Act-Payment of Gratuity Act-Maternity Benefit Act. Unorganized Workers Social Security Act, 2008.



Unit 3

Employment & Service conditions: Laws relating to employment, service conditions, Employee Relations- The Industrial Disputes Act- Trade Unions Act- Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act.


Unit 4

Compliances: Returns and Forms for all labour Legislations. Guidelines for young professionals.


 Essential Reading:

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 Recommended Reading

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