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  • Open From : 01-Jan-1970
  • Open Until : 01-Jan-1970


The Master of Philosophy in Economics is a one year program designed and well-substantiated for smooth transition into advanced research including doctoral level (PhD), and is suitable for academia, researchers and corporate associates alike. It is designed primarily for students who plan to pursue research in areas like microeconomics, financial economics, macroeconomics, and related areas in economics and finance. It is a full time research program of 1 year, consisting of two semesters. By the end of the second semester, the scholar is expected to submit dissertation work.

The program equips the scholar to aspire for higher disciplinary and methodological competencies in research and allied fields. It has a rigorous coursework consisting of 2 research papers and 7 elective papers. The two intensive research papers that offer significant research background are:

1.    General Research Methodology
2.    Specific Research Methodology and Statistical Techniques in Economics

The following are the 7 electives offered, out of which the scholar can opt for 2, subject to departmental guidelines, and faculty and student availability:

1.    Managerial Economics
2.    Financial Markets and Derivatives
3.    Agricultural Economics
4.    Industrial Economics
5.    Environmental Economics
6.    International Economics
7.    Economics of Service Sector

Pedagogy includes article reviews, research colloquia, tools like SPSS, case studies, critiques and other essentials for research oriented work. The coursework aims at providing a thorough understanding of business and economic principles, quantitative techniques and applications thereof. Scholars will discover the thought process of research in terms of skills, insight and knowledge of research philosophy. The program will nurture scholars towards a foundation for further research endeavors like PhD and research consulting. It will also create an atmosphere for the scholars to associate themselves with both industry experts and senior academia in areas of qualitative and quantitative economics, business research, research education and philosophy. 




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