Optional Certificate Course for Electronics Students ( 2014-15)
 Proposed syllabus

UNIT 1: Basic concepts of programs, Introduction to C, I/O statements (12hrs)
Basics of Programming: Algorithm, Flowchart and pseudo code Introduction to C: Development of C, features, constants and variables, data type, operators and expression, library functions I/o Statements: Formatted and unformatted I/O: scanf(), printf(), getchar(), putchar() functions.
UNIT 2: Control structures, Arrays & Functions (18hrs)
Control Structures: Conditional and unconditional, if, for, while and do..While, switch, break, goto statement Arrays: One and multidimensional arrays, string and string functions, bubble sort, linear and binary search
Functions: Definition, different types, advantages, calling a function, passing parameters, call by reference, call by value, local and global variable, recursive functions.
UNIT  3: Pointers, structures & Unions (10hrs)
Pointers: Declaration, operation on pointers, relation between arrays and pointers, address arithmetic, array of pointers, pointer to pointer Structures and unions: Defining a structures, classification, union, user defined datatypes, ponter to a structure, and structure as an argument to a function.
UNIT 4: Files (5hrs)
Files: Sequential files, file pointer, random files, processing a data file, unformatted data files, file error handling, implementation of copy and merge commands.

Open Electives