Diagnostic Biology’ is a certificate course offered in the odd semester open to Non-Science stream students which is included under Mandatory add on courses. The main objective of this programme is to develop/produce trained manpower with strong knowledge base in various disciplines of biotechnology.

Diagnostic molecular biology is arguably the fastest growing area of laboratory medicine and has the potential for a major impact on clinical medicine. Diagnostic biology is widely used in a number of areas including   haematology, immunology, microbiology and clinical biochemistry. These studies are conducted to understand more effective methods to screen for, prevent, diagnose, or treat a variety of diseases. This course aims to provide a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of medical microbiology including the spread of micro-organisms, disease causation, diagnosis and/or treatment of pathogens of major significance to public health. This course provides a foundation to understand concepts of clinical science. It also includes demonstration of experiments thus provides the students of non-science streams to understand the significance of diagnosis of infections that commonly prevail in the society.


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